Picking Up The Brass

Just a quick post for those who may not have followed the thread in the NAAFI bar: we are publishing a new and re-edited Picking Up The Brass (by ex Signallers and ARRSE members Charlie Bell and Ian Deacon) next month.
It will be available from all the usual outlets, but we will also be offering a special deal for anyone who wants to purchase to send to any BFPO addresses - it will be something like 25% off and free postage (irrespective of whether it's a freepost BFPO or not). We're also hoping to tie up with H4H so that dosh from each sale goes to them.
This is the first in what will be a trilogy, with the next volume in the Eddy Nugent opus, Eddy Nugent and the Map of Africa, out next spring.
The new PUTB is edited and has a new cover featuring a sindly youth and Sgt Ken Barker, who may be known to some readers.
The new cover is on the NAAFI bar thread for those who are interested.
Thanks to Good and Bad Cos and Mr Happy for their support.
Dan Collins
Has anyone heard from Ken Barker recently. He was one of the Corps big characters and has dissapeared of the radar. Any info would be appreciated.

P.S. Quality book extremely funny. The real story of the British Army.
how edited is the new edition?

Have the first edition, funny as!!!
IS Ski Geek - if you PM The Rigger, I'm sure he will be able to put you in touch with Ken.

Chocolate Frog - it's cut down in length and just generally tidied up a bit. Some of the cut material will make its way into the sequel, Eddy Nugent and the Map of Africa (out next spring).


IS Ski Geek said:
Has anyone heard from Ken Barker recently. He was one of the Corps big characters and has dissapeared of the radar. Any info would be appreciated.

If this is the RTG (late of 30 Sigs) Ken Barker then I assume that it could be the same Ken Barker that is now either still a SSgt at 89 Sig Sqn (V) at Rugby or possibly now a WO2 somewhere else in 35 Sig Regt (V). I think he works for O2.

Great book. P1ssed myself laughing - the AAC(H) stuff is hilarious and so true of many of our experiences at "Penny Pot" (as the locals called it). I leant it to so many people that I can't remember who has got it now.
Big_Graces_sextoy said:
hi mate ken barker here i am still on the radar how r u
Bloody hell, still alive? Wotcher Ken, we knew each other at X-Ray Tp, 14 Sigs, 16 million years ago.
I'm halfway through In Foreign Fields( a very good read I must add),but when I finished it I will certainly purchase Picking Up The Brass !
Apologies for late reply Hairy Fairy - it should be out early this summer, but we'll obviously let people know on here.
Convoy and Rigger have supplied the words and we should be working on it now, but another book has held us up so we're a little bit behind.
I really enjoyed Picking Up The Brass. Brought back many happy and some not so happy memories of Harrogate. Can't wait for the next installment :)
Fittingly, and due to the glue issues associated with that years long hot summer, my signed 1st edition is now held together with black nasty!
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