Picking Up The Brass radio interviews

Convoy and Rigger are doing lots of radio interviews over the next day or two for anyone interested in them or their tome (most are live, some pre-records, should be able to listen again on line):

10am BBC Jersey live
10.30am BBC Southern Counties live
11am BBC Radio Bristol live
11.30am BBC Berkshire live
12pm BBC Sheffield pre-rec
12.30pm BBC Leicester pre-rec
1.30pm BBC Solent
2pm BBC Tees live
2.30pm BBC Manchester live
3pm BBC Humber live
4pm-5pm Borders Book Store, The Fort Cheetham Hill, Manchester - book signing session

9am BFBS - Sim Courtie
9.30am BBC Radio Leeds live
10am BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester
10.30am BBC Wiltshire/Swindon
11am BBC Stoke
11.30am BBC Shropshire
12pm BBC WM
1pm BBC Cumbria
1.30pm BBC Gloucester
2pm BBC Newcastle
2.30pm BFBS
3.30pm BBC Merseyside
4pm BBC 3 Counties

12-4pm The Revolution 96.2FM

10.30am BBC Guernsey
11am-12pm BBC Asian Network
Bloody Hell! That's more airtime than Mr Broon gets (thank God).
Tonight Saturday 16th August

Charlie Bell Will be on London's Kalling.

6-8pm EST (USA)
11pm - 1am UK Time sucks for UK but its the slot we have.

Londons Kalling Website for links, Station Linky

We will also be in The Chatroom that is on LK and in ARRSE Chat room

Thanks in advance
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