• This is a stand-to for an incoming competition, one of our most expensive yet.
    Later this week we're going to be offering the opportunity to Win £270 Rab Neutrino Pro military down jacket
    Visit the thread at that link above and Watch it to be notified as soon as the competition goes live

Picking up the brass (personalised copy)

Kindly donated by Convoy, Rigsby and Publisher Dan Collins.

This one is different though, the auction will close at 21:00 hrs Tuesday 8th and on the 9th Convoy and The Rigger will put in words of your choice and sign them, failing that I'm sure they could insult you in a way you'd appreciate.

Remember these blokes have been members here since the beginning and I'd like to think this will raise a few quid in order that we can get more blokes helped and ou to spain or pulled out of a cack back here in the UK
I shall kick it off with a nice round £100.

Purely so I can get a message that says:

Sorry Chris, we now realise that Catterick-trained Royal Signals tradesmen are far superior to anything Harrogate could ever produce.
because that would be priceless!
Only a few hours to run on this chaps.

Anyone up the ante?
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