Picking up the brass (personalised copy)

Kindly donated by Convoy, Rigsby and Publisher Dan Collins.

This one is different though, the auction will close at 21:00 hrs Tuesday 8th and on the 9th Convoy and The Rigger will put in words of your choice and sign them, failing that I'm sure they could insult you in a way you'd appreciate.

Remember these blokes have been members here since the beginning and I'd like to think this will raise a few quid in order that we can get more blokes helped and ou to spain or pulled out of a cack back here in the UK
I shall kick it off with a nice round £100.

Purely so I can get a message that says:

Sorry Chris, we now realise that Catterick-trained Royal Signals tradesmen are far superior to anything Harrogate could ever produce.
because that would be priceless!
Only a few hours to run on this chaps.

Anyone up the ante?
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