Picking a regiment, commonwealth solider

Discussion in 'Officers' started by castawaycan, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Am having a bit of difficulty trying to pick a regiment. Am looking for a combat arm, either infantry or Household/RAC. Have been told to look at Paras and rifles. As a Commonwealth citizen am not sure about 'fitting in' or what not. Any suggestions?
  2. If you were a potential commonwealth soldier you probably would of mentioned your country origin. So my gut feeling is that you are just a journo seeking out a story on racism within the said regiments. Now Feck orf!


    p.s After taking time out for a quick Urine Leak, Ive realised that I have fallen for your journo Bait and it would appear that I am now racist. I look forward to the morning Redtops............

    "Racism rife in top Military Website. Black Common wealth soldier told to F"#K Off after seeking help and advice.

  3. Please contact these people i am sure they will answer any questions that you have regarding picking a regiment etc

    Questions which need to be addressed
  4. SKJOLD, not a problem. should have mentioned it. Am Canadian, is that a problem? And no, am not some 'journo' looking for a story, just a university student in the UK looking for help.
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    only for the yanks apparently.

    My Recomendation, Pick the Royal Regiment of Scotland. If your a canoock of British decent chances are you've got some Jock blood in you. If you want the best try and get into the 4th btn. Finer bunch of lads you couldn't ask to meet.

    No appologies for my obvous Biase. :)
  6. You should go where you plesa. You will only ever be judged on your merits and ability. If you re good you be told, if you are not good you will be also advised.
  7. Know the Royal Reg of Scot. quite well. Would be interested to know about being a Canadian in the Household or Para as haven't met anyone that can comment on that really. Army recruiters have not been a help at all.
  8. There is a short interview with a serving canadian on the army recruitment dvd that you can get for free i think, i remember him being part of some helicopter assault on an excersise, cant for the life of me remember what regiment he was or where the dvd is.
  9. I should tell your recruiting officer that you'd like to have a look at the regiments you mention you are interested in (he should set it up for you).

    You say you are interested in the RAC/HCav, in which case they should be able to get you down to Bovington on a RAC/HCav potential officers' visit (this is for potential officers interested in the RAC/HCav but not yet sure which regiment within, ideal for you), I think the Infantry do a similar visit at Warminster, both are designed to help potential officers decide which regiments to visit.

    If you're really not sure I should ask to have a look at the following:

    a Light Role Infantry Bn
    an Armoured Infantry Bn
    an Air Assault Infantry Bn
    a Medium Recce Regt
    an Armoured Regt
    the Army Air Corps (if flying flicks your switch)

    Make sure you look at at least one Regt/Bn in Germany as these tend to be a bit different again, especially in terms of mess life.

    If you're still not sure you might want to have a look at the Combat Support Arms: Artillery, Engineers, etc.

  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We had a canadian Lt during an Op Banner in the early 80's.
  11. Best advice right there.

    Castaway, I'm a canadian as well, PM me if you want some more in depth advice, been here 6 years and heading home this summer.
  12. Called the Potential Infantry Officer Familiarisation Visit (PIOFV), not 100% sure if it is still being run but would assume so. Again, ask your careers officer / recruiter about it. I used to give a spiel on it about life as a young subby and all I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed it.
  13. castawaycan,

    No interest in the Canadian Army?
  14. Royal Irish I believe.
  15. That's what I was thinking.