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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bigpod, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Not seen that-very interesting stuff!
  2. Very interesting stuff, but shouldn't the thread be titled "Prick up your ears"?

    I'm sorry, I'm a pedantic tw@t. I'm sat her surrounded by spams, most of whom seem to be either dribbling or looking glassily, glassillly oh b0ll0cks looking at the tv like glass.

    Did that make any sense?

    At all?
  3. You've lost me mate, from 'very interesting stuff' onward...

    Anyway, read the 1985 one about the then brand new SA80 and the crazy idea of new-fangled 'boil in the bag' compo they were floating then...it'll never take off!
  4. On the sauce early are we KI?
  5. Nice find.
  6. The gulf war build up one from 1990-did they have to leave the car and credit card adverts in?

  7. eeer... no
  8. Sadly no, the bar only opens here on Friday & Saturday night and then only for nine cases worth of beer before the place closes its tragic :(

    It's not too bad if theres only a small gang of us in the bar, we can get trollied. But if there's 40 or 50 peeps in then you'll only get an hours worth of drinking, if you're lucky.
  9. Tell you what though, some things never change. A quote from the article about Army Wives in 1953...

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