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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by efective, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. I’m looking for some advice . . . I have been to see my local Army Careers Office but I’m going to need to go back to them.

    I want to be an “Intelligence Operator” within the Intelligence Corps. According to the “Education Standard” on the Army Website it says all I need in G.C.S.E.’s. However, the Army Careers Office recommended that I have at least two A-Levels.

    I’m 24 and I’ve had to postpone my Army application for at least 12 months so I can attain my A-Levels via night-school. I will begin my study come September. Here’s my question: What are two good A-Levels to have? There are dozens to choose from but which two would you guys recommend I srudy?

    My second question is: Is it possible to go into the Intelligence Corps as an Officer? Or is it only possible to go in as a soldier? If I go in as an Officer, will my Phase 1 training be at Sandhurst? Or is Officer training separate from Phase 1 training?


  2. The Corps at the moment has loads of applicants so they can afford to pick and choose the best, I recommend subjects that show 'analytical' skills such as maths stats, or a science subject and possibly english but overall subject choice doesnt really matter what 'we' want are well rounded people who can bring multiple skills to the corps. If you need anymore answers just pm me
  3. An 'A' level in Arabic would also keep you busy for a few years.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Having two A levels is helpful but not critical provided you reach the required standard in the selection tests at the ACIO. You don't say whether you did the tests or not, or what result you got, but my advice would be to go ahead with your application without bothering with the A levels at this stage if possible, as it will get you into the system quicker. Once you are in, having A levels will not be relevant for your promotion or career path.

    Joining the Int Corps as a direct entry officer is much the same as joining any other arm. You will need at least 2 A levels to do this, as well as passing RCB and then Sandhurst. Competition is stiff for officer places in the Int Corps, and most of the other candidates will have degrees but, again, provided you reach the basic standard, selection will largely depend on your aptitude rather than your academic qualifications.
  5. Go for the officer route. You dont need A Levels for it, and I am not convinced it will help you all that much. All you need is to be fairly bright and quick learning.

    I seem to recall the Corps dont take direct entry officers over a certain age (and seem to think it was 23) but this is now shrouded in the mists of time and may be wrong.

    I would suggest, if you want to join the corps, make sure you are very fit, get back down to the ACIO and sit the test. If you get a good enough pass then apply and see how it goes.

    Make sure you have some other options in case it all goes wrong.
  6. qualifficatons are overated in my ecsperience. they sayed you must have good englishto gett in the intelgence core when i went thrugh but i didnt not even have a O levvel in anything and that nevver stopped me from geting to be a oficer in the intelgence core.
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    (Actually scarily true - I got in direct entry without any quals as well!)
  8. I got in with 4 O levels and a CSE Grade 1

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  12. OK to confirm some of the comments in here for the guy!

    You can join the Int Corps on the minimum qualifications by the book. That is to say that you can apply. As already stated, the Int Corps is pretty good at recruiting and, as such, they have the benefit of being able to select the best they want. Don't, however, let this stop you from trying....if you don't try you will never know!

    OK - on the Officer subject and something I have had first hand experience of. You can join the Int Corps directly as an Officer and it doesn't matter about your age (as long as you are within the age limits for joining as a Direct Entry Officer). BUT!!! And this is a BIG BUT....you would need to join as an Officer Cadet and go to Sandhurst and whilst there you apply for a place with the Int Corps. Be aware that you DON'T go to Sandhurst knowing which Regt/Corps you are going to join....you go with something in mind, but it is not set in stone until the Senior Term. The Int Corps is EXTREMELY competitive at Sandhurst...a lot of people apply to join and a lot get turned away.

    Some food for thought for you - you most certainly will not get into the Int Corps from Sandhurst without a degree...and even then possibly not if the degree isn't at all relevant. Shame really.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Boll0cks. When I joined there were five of us: 3 grads and 2 non grads. I remain sure that anyone who shows the aptitude for the Int Corps has a chance of getting in. I haven't ever checked the statistics, but I'm sure the Int Corps is one of the best places for people without the 'formal' qualifications to get commissioned.
  14. i'm afraid the int corps is extremely competitive at sandhurst. it is in almost the same boat as the air corps - if you dont put int corps as first choice, they wont even look at you. they take only about a dozen a year; divide that by the number of intakes and youre looking at 2 or 3 per course being chosen for the int corps. i remember on one intake that about 95 out of 230 or so put the int corps as their first choice at the end of week 12 (when they get presentations from each cap badge).

    so i feel that it is likely to come down to who impresses the interviewing officer at sandhurst the most. and that is likely to have f*ck all to do with qualifications.

    and cpunk, when you joined there were only 5 officers in the entire frigging corps ;)