Pick the Perp

Not seen this done before in the NAAFI, but great fun: pick the perp out of the line up.

Easy to spot the "possession of heroin"... not so simple to pick out the fraudsters and murderers!

Pick the Perp

I got 23%, best streak of 4 in a row. Harder than it looks...


Kit Reviewer
35% and 4 in a row. How does Patrick Jane do it?
You know when you and your mates sit on a park bench drinking white lightning?

Well that's an offence in the US, everywhere.

There seem to be a lot of things you cannot do in the states these days? it wouldn't be much of a holiday if I had to curtail my fags and turps drinking whilst I was there.
Right click on each picture; inspect element; look for the perp's name in the script; look up each name with the crime until you get a hit against court records. 100%.

Yes, I'm bored- what of it?

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