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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Busterdog, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. Way back in the mid 1960s I was given a small anthology of poems written by a former member of The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) Ian 'Danny' Kaye who dedicated the anthology "To all infantry soldiers especially those who followed the Pipes and Drums". The poems (written in the 1940s and '50s) described life in the Black Watch and The Argylls (with whom he was attached for a while) the characters and situations were apropos of any Scottish regiment.

    Unfortunately through travels/divorce etc., I lost the book. Any one know if it's still in print in the UK?

    'Danny' served with the Black Watch in WW2 and the Korean War and with the Argylls in Cyprus (during the EOKA campaign) and British Guiana, I believe he retired to the Kingussie area. Any one from the Black Watch family have more information?
  2. You might like to try RHQ,BW regarding the poetry books.I think they sold these many years ago, so there may be a chance that they have a few volumes still for sale, if not they probably have it stored in the archives.

    Ian (Danny) Kaye was a well known,and colourful Regimental character,even in the 80s we knew about him and I recall him turning up at 1BW on several occasions. I think he was originally from Lancashire.

    His obituary in the August 1993 edition of our Regimental journal states that served with the Argylls in Korea.He then went to 2BW then serving in British Guiana.Upon 2BW being disbanded in 1956, he was transfered to 1BW eventually becoming a platoon Sgt and also a regimental entertainer.

    He died in late June 1993, in Tain,Rosshire.
  3. Busterdog, somewhere amongst my books I think I still have a copy, given to me by an aunt who lived in Kingussie.
    She had been given it by the author.
    It will take me a while to find it, I'm sure, but if I do, I'll PM you for details and send it to you.
    I would be more than happy for someone with Regimental connections to have it, with my compliments.
  4. Thanks C_V I appreciate it.
  5. Amazon have this book :))