Picatinny Rail Foregrip

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by digger567, Nov 3, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking for feedback from soldiers that have served in Afghanistan and have used the Picatinny Rail Foregrip.

    Your comments may be used in an article on my blog.

    I have spoken to two returning soldiers and they gave me a small amount of feedback from which i made the following blog Click here.
  2. Would love to but your rail is different to the one we had issued (1005 01 562 8019). No need buy one, it has a part number 1005 99 354 0633 £400? Jog on! :)
  3. I know its different, but dose the same job and the feedback would serve the same purpose. Take a look at the bold text below.

    This L2/A2/SA80 hand rail was issued and is in service by the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). Under general issue to the rest of the army is an alternative model by an American Company which cannot be procured for civilian supply due to custom restrictions.

    Also £400 is about the same price as the issue rail.
  4. Looking at the pic of the rail they are quite different, and as for your bold - Why does it have an NSN if it cannot be procured for civilian use? :)

    As for the price the Issue rails - the original is £175.88 and the newer model is £254.41
  5. Understandably there will be differences or they would get done for copyright, but like I said they do the same job and feedback would serve the same purpose. They both have NSN due to both being is the stores systems and available to the military. The reason the B&T rail can be sold in the UK is because it is made in Germany, the USA law stops this item being sold overseas. Note even knowing Civilain companies can sell the rail, only military personel and police can purchase it.

    As for the price, resellers normally put a mark up on products between 1.6-2.2 so therefore if the issue one was to be sold it would be more expansive than the B&T one and then you have to add on the VAT. I can assure you the mark up is less than 1.6 on the B&T rail from us.
  6. Surely if you can't get an L85 to purchase it's pretty pointless setting handguards at £400 a pop? and even if a squaddie purchased it I'm pretty sure customising your rifle of your own accord is somewhat frowned upon
  7. I bet it doe's not come with a UK Manned Firing Certificate, therefore its not Safe and Suitable for Service (S3). Basically if you fit it to a service weapon and there is a problem with it for some reason. (causes some other malfunction with the weapon, etc) the user will be liable. That will open a can of worms.

    And at £400 thats a rip off anyway has CC_TA kindly put it JOG ON.
  8. The "gangster handle" mod is an awesome bit of kit but as said, modding an issue weapon on ops is one thing but in the uk????? On the plus side... It's nice to offer product variety ;)
  9. bibo_boy.

    Not sure what you mean modding a issue weapon on ops is one thing but in the UK ????????. Lets cut to the chase, I am not serving anymore, but I work in a sandy place for a different government.

    British Soldiers should get 'product variety' through the MOD system knowing that the kit as been procured through a system that can support it fully. Training, Logistics etc.

    I've work with many septics who had to purchase kit from ACOG's to LA in the past, thats why bloke's like you offer 'product variety'

    Reference the Gangster Grip thats a matter of opion on being awesome
    I like them but would not say its awesome unless you want to look Ally in your photo's.
  10. Sadly there is not much I can do about the price I am already going against my suppliers request to keep to the RRP.

    As for customising you rifle, of course you need to get permission, but I personally have seen a member of 7 Rifles with this model.

    I think you lot are missing the point here, im look for feedback about the product.
  11. As I have said before this B&T rail is an official accepted upgrade with an NSN from the MOD and is used currently by the SFSG. Can of worms closed

    and as for the price look at the previous replies.
  12. Don't know about other units but I've never got the same rifle twice. Therefore unless this is easy to fit by the simple method of removing the fore sling mount screw*, taking off the plastic foregrip and screwing this on using the same fixing point then I can't see much take up. If it takes any longer than that, then by the time you put the thing on you'll probably have finished using your rifle. I can also see you being booted off the ranges if you put one of these on.

    Obviously these should be fitted on all A-2's as standard. You might as well get used to using the same mods as you get on ops, but I guess that's just a money thing.

    * We got told not to do this for cleaning the weapon as it weakens the screw. Something about Paras loosing their weapons when jumping because they had removed the foregrip too many times to clean it. Probably a load of guff but you never know. Anybody got a SAA PAM handy and knows why this is the case?
  13. digger567

    If your just after feedback, then why dont you just nip down to Abbey Wood as ask the IPT or ITDU at Warminster. If your saying its on issue to the SFSG then nip down to St Athan and ask the QM to ask the boys. CAN OF WORMS CLOSED
  14. Blacky...

    See the countless threads on people spraying weapons, mags, helmets etc.....

    All I was saying mate was I really got on with the mod when I was lucky enough to have it on Herrick. Shooting from standing has always been my most unstable firing position and this improves it for me. I guess any extra support generally is a plus????.... I honestly doubt anyone sees this as a purely cosmetic addition do they? Just my personal opinion.

    Not sure what your saying re. guys should get product variety through the system? Is it that squaddies need to use issue kit only? If so, then I agree that lot's of work goes into sourcing decent kit for guys on the ground but people will always buy personally and our company specialises in converting direct feedback/requests from troops into products made by us not just flooding the market with more products that aren't needed.

    If your saying "you wish the system offered more flexibility?" then I'm with you all the way mate.
  15. Guff indeed - There is a screw that sits next to the trigger guard when assembled. It is tightened to ensure the hand-guard is secure and doesn't rattle about. Many users had had dramas re-assembling the weapon after cleaning. The TMH sometimes sat slightly further back due to pressure on the hand-guard screw causing slight misalignment - often users decided to 'persuade' the two halves of the gun back together with slightly too much force distorting the housing around the forward TMH retaining pin resulting in the weapon being 1043'd To re-assemble without totally fuckin up the gun:

    Muzzle pointed downwards and rested on your foot
    Line up TMH into body & barrel assembly
    Push butt plate gently downwards slightly which in turn pushes the hand-guard screw against the trigger guard
    Once aligned locate TMH pins