pi$$ stunts

ok so you nip off for a slash but your foreskin is a bit crumpled, you whiz away and amazingly it comes out in two jets! i call this a "viper pi$s"
only a week ago i had my first treble jetter! amazingly i didnt pi$s on myself, but i did came back from the bogs laughing !
has anyone else managed this?
managed a "viper" piss before but not got full control of it's powers yet normally ends up going everywere ever tried pissing with a hard-on? can get some good high pressure jets off that
Getting up in the night with a semi lob on, not turning the light on, pissing all over the place and not finding it till the next day. Oh how i chuckle
soldier-w said:
but i did came back from the bogs laughing !
has anyone else managed this?
Yes, pi$$ed myself laughing when I caught sight of your tiny excuse for a c0ck!
i never bragged about having a long tail, whereas you are a tail (and a c0ck watcher) :wink:
When the remains of a shag set like shellac on yer todger and you stumble across to the laundry basket for a 4am drunken slash. The worst is not knowing the angle of exit and invariably wazzing down one leg, being too pished to wipe it up and falling back into the scratcher with a damp hoof.

Don't even know why I bother getting up for a leak sometimes. Could just lag the sack as the end result is the same...
I was just about to start a thread on this :roll: The most amazing one i ever done was a sort of "revolving viper" where they twisted round each other. If it was a fountain it would be a water display and if it hadnt gone down my leg and all over thewalls i would have clapped
I once read a story about a little girl who for some reason had to have a pish bag. A boy in her class was weeing up a wall and said 'ha! bet you can't do this!' very smugly. She fiddled with her bag and ended up 'p*ssing' a jet over the six foot wall...... Apparently he was none too happy at being beaten by a girl. :lol:

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