Pi$$ed off new recruit

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by newrecruit, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. MAjor rant coming up

    I am currently getting fit to join the army and decided to get to join my local gym. On being shown round by the manager, of the darker persuasion, i remarked that i was getting fit to join the army. All hell then broke loose; "Why do you want to join the army for?" " You are stupid for joing the army", "You should be helping out your local community". Not only that she then preceded to turn on my mum and became so verbally aggressive i nearly put her flat on her fat arse. :evil: :evil:

    Rant over

    PS - I found it interesting when i was telling white people that i was joining up that they were extremely supportive.

    Has anyone else had experiences like this as meeting this pathetic excuse for a woman really left me angry!!!!!!!!!!

    Rant definetly over
  2. easy..............go to a different gym.
  3. We serve our country mate, done thing unless your racist against our way of life.
  4. Why did you bring her colour into it?

    There are idiots of every colour, race and religion, don't judge half the World by the actions of one person.
  5. After putting her on her big black arse.

    BT. :twisted:
  6. excellent point.

    fck her, go to another gym, join the army

    the end
  7. did you seek to clarify if said fat harris was a two way range??? just exactly how big??? salad dodger of KFC champion arrse???
    new or diff gym btw.... or keep on the press ups, sit ups, b*stards, road work, swimming and less to zero golden cleverness..... yes.... less beer!

    oh yes.... no ugly wimmin.... that just drains your mojo..... plenty of them were you'll be posted!
  8. You are serving both your country and your community. You are safeguarding their freedom and that includes the freedom of speech. She has the freedom to screech her ill informed and infantile opinions because people such as you are willing to put your life on the line to defend her right to make a fool of herself. Would she still have that freedom if the Islamic maniacs were running Britain? Ask her that. Then tell her she would'nt be working in a gymnasium or anywhere else because the Mullahs would'nt let her, neither would she be allowed to utter a word about anything, under Islam women stay quiet. If she's a dyke no lesbianism either! If married her husband would have the right to knock her about, is that what she wants? Tell her she can live her life and utter her assinine views because men such as you maintain her continued freedom to do so. She won't listen, her kind never do, but you may influence others. Speak back and above all take the greatest pride in what you are about to become.
  9. Stupid fucking bitch!
  10. you should ring up her ,,boss and tell them ,, or even better the local paper,,,,,
  11. I get this crap all the time. Imagine a turbaned bearded Sikh man turning around and saying to his tightly nit community & friends - oi, start supporting you're country for once!

    & then announcing intentions to join the army. Half of them think I've lost it, half of them think I've got the "Trying to be white syndrome".

    They don't seem to think being brown & proud is a possible combination (despite countless years of history).
  12. VazSingh, simple, change your friends.
  13. my grandfather reckoned that the sikh soldiers were the best he,d ever served with,good on you mate,best of luck.
  14. ok,,, ive kept off this subject all day,, i thought from the other thread there were 100s of sikhs willing and waiting to join up,, now your saying there isent and they are racist towards you for wanting to serve your country,,.. good luck to you my friend....its normally the whites that are branded racist, for standing up for the united kingdom..,

  15. It's hard to when you're surrounded by endless types of ethnic communities. 8O

    East London.

    edit -
    The younger generation is split between two. As is with most ethnic communities. Those who have accepted there status as British and those who still think there Indian or whatever. I know in 2004 I was a hardliner guy who said I'm 100% Indian. Ask me now and it's totally the opposite.

    Comments like go home P$%S! don't go un-noticed by the youth. They question themselves and end up concluding that they don't belong here and are Indian or non British. It's a case of giving a clear identity to establish that the generations born here are indeed British. This can be done only through one pure way by the current establishment.

    I stand by every word in the other thread regarding Sikh Reg. The majority of our community would answer the call of duty if there past is acknowledged and brought back into the light.