Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by deanthebean, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Hey people

    I have recently undergone an ACL repair and am due to start my rehabilitation.
    I was hoping there may be someone within ARRSE that could kindly help me with my query.

    My query is.... Am I able to have my physiotherapy conducted on a site closer to home. I reside a 40 minute drive to my medical centre in Tidworth and am curious as to whether, down some sort of administrative path, I can have my rehab scheduled at a clinic nearer to where I live?

    Thanks in advance for any correspondance recieved.
  2. Of course you can, if you pay for it.

    Otherwise get off your arse and get to where you're meant to be.
  3. Well many thanks for the helpful response.
  4. Dingerr could be considered something of an SME in this subject, heed his words wisely...
  5. Ok I see that this post isn't going to force the constructive responses I expected. Waste of time.
  6. Awfully thin skin for a squaddie. Cheerio and don't let the door hit your Knee.
  7. Awfully unhelpful for a fellow brother in arms. I'll be sure not to catch your big head in the door as it closes.
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  9. 40 minutes? Wow.

    Have you tried here? Help for Heroes - PRC Tedworth House
  10. Solomon,

    You are a penis.