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I am struggling to find good information regarding joining the reserves as a physiotherapy officer. The army website provides entry requirements/information on pay/benefits but no specific details on the role itself.

What would the role of a reserve physio officer entail week to week? attendance at drill nights locally and providing a clinic for other reserve members?
how often and likely is deployment? I am interested in gaining some of the experiences that the army could provide, however I am exploring the reserves as I have a very happy home life and would not want to be put on deployment for months on end away from family. I would be happy to contribute locally and provide a valuable service however it is unclear to me whether this is an option or not? I am not completely against the idea of accepting a short deployment that suits myself and the force but I would not want to put myself in a position where it is compulsory for me to leave against my will.

What support for continuing professional development will be available? the website vaguely states..
"eligible to apply for consideration in CPD for Professional Qualifications commensurate to Role within with the Army Medical Services."

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Why go reserve forces when the regulars might even sponsor you through Uni?
And then commission as a Captain/Lt RN or Flt Lt?
Why go reserve forces when the regulars might even sponsor you through Uni?
And then commission as a Captain/Lt RN or

I may be wrong but my understanding would be that if I were a full time regular the likelihood of working away from home would be significantly higher. As I mentioned I would not be keen to leave my family life behind so was exploring the idea of reserves, so as to still get a taste of the experience whilst being unlikely to serve a lengthy deployment away from family. I understand that a deployment is never off the cards when you work for the army but just thinking about the likelihood being less for a reserve.

I may be very naïve as to the actual working conditions of regulars and reserve physiotherapists. I imagined that regulars would be deployed to different camps abroad/domestically and that reserves would maybe run evening/weekend clinics locally around their full time job? any further insight would be gratefully received.

I looked into a Professionally qualified officer PQO bursary, but my understanding was that a physiotherapist needs to be qualified and does not seem to benefit in the same way as a doctor/nurse/vet. Most pages that I have ended up on state "You must be qualified, have at least 12 months' experience and registered with HCPC to join.". If I have misunderstood please could someone correct me.


If you join any branch of the military you will be expected to deploy for up to 6 months at a time (longer in the event of full on war). As a reserve officer you might be employed doing your normal physio stuff or you maybe a troop commander doing command, admin and military training. It does depend on which unit you join. Start by speaking to the local unit and ask what they would offer you in terms of position in the unit

On training nights /weekends you would not usually be acting as a physio and you would not provide treatment within the unit except when on camp or deployed

I think you need to find out a bit more about what the reserve life is like and what your local unit would expect of you. Should be easy to find out by speaking to them directly

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