Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by diane_41, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. My son's friend is a fully qualified physio,he is not interested in joining the army but is in working within it. Is this possible ? also who would he approach about this?

  2. Unfortunately for your buddy - the (Regular) Army physio cadre have significantly more applicants than places they can fill, even if your friend wanted to join the army as a physio - they would be facing serious competition ( although this should not deter them if they wish to join our illustrious establishment as a physio - they could be outstanding!) - have to be honest and say that 'none' Army physios have an ice-cube-in-hells-chance of getting a slice of the action (have you considered TA - I am sure they would snap you up) - PM me for any more info x The Roobster
  3. Is he any good? They wont take him if he is.
  4. Not correct. There are plenty of civilian physios that work with the Army, not all physio posts are occupied by military personnel. Winchester used to have three physios two of which were civvies and Sandhurst's physio dept is run entirely by civvies - four at the last count.

    Diane, it is possible to work with the Army providing there are vacancies of course. I'll dig a number out for you next week.
  5. Will second that, we have a civvie physio at my barracks.

    Then again, he is THE worst physio I have ever met and, to boot, looks like he had an unfortunate accident with a 4-tonner!

    He looks like they jacked the Bedford up to change a tire and let the entire weight back down on his head!

    I probably wouldn't take the piss if he wasn't so useless

  6. Thanks
  7. Ooops - stand corrected (was thinking of the greener side of things - forgot about the garrison / barrack civ element) :oops: Sorry Diane!
  8. Aldershot Physio Dept is crawling with civvie physios. I believe that they actually work for the MoD now though rather than for Sodhexo.