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Physio or Chiropractor ?

I'm getting old (32) and am not a fit as I used to be. Recently I accompanied my other half to her chiropractor and while I waited for her to finish was offered a free assessment. Since I get a sore back if I sit at a desk for to long, or some times when I go out running. I also have a dodgy from being hit by a car which plays up if I run at a certain speed, I have been told by a GP that it's the ligament that is scared and rubbing(?).
After a follow up session and a set of xrays they told me that they could properly fix every thing as my pelvis is out of alignment.
So off I pop to my GP for a second opinion, after a brief one over, he poo poo the chiropractor and suggested Physio to look at both my lower back and knee.

Physio is tried and tested.
Chiropractor looks ok but I'm not completely sold after being made to watch a video on how Chriopractic theorpy works. It set off my bullshit detector.

So I put it to Arrse, are they Quacks?
They quack like a brigade of ducks, file it with crystal healing therapy and homeopathy. In my job we have an occupational health section, if we have a bad back they usually give us a different chair and suggest exercises that help. Don't know if it works because I'm never at my desk.
Chiro helped my bad back when I was in, and the doc accused me of malingering, the ******* quack ****. I was crippled with pain every 12 - 15 months or so, for several weeks at a time.


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Erin Dawes and another lady of my aquaint both use Chiropracters from time to time ( like about once every 4 months).....only complaint from either is that they come back feeling lousy for a day but then good to go for another three months ......only recommendation if you DO go down the chiropracter road is
' go for McTimoni - because it is less violent crunching ,more pressure and stretching ,massage type of gig......but you will come away steam-rollered '

Erin Dawes: ' my pelvis was also out of alignment...they're really good at that....fixed me anyway .....till I do something stupid again.'

( she does not ' have a dodgy [?] having been hit by a car'......just tall, with kinder ......also from time to time falls off giant insane herbivores )


As with all paramedical treatments that dont fall into the mainstream the problem with chiropractice is that there are a lot of really bad ones who tell you they can help cause they need the cash. This is a problem with private medicne in general in my opinion. However, I feel that going to the chiropractor does help if you can find an appropriately registered one who has completed the fully certified GCC course of several years duration with clinical practice.
Some GP's rate it, others dont but then I dont particularly rate GP's on the whole.
The particular bod up in my part of the world managed, with patient, persistent treatment (at reduced rates because of the time) to restore a colleague with a totally shagged back (he was 29 and looking at a life on disability). The physio had previosuly told him there was ball all to be done as had the othopaedic surgeon.
Gobbly Wobbly, if your occy health section gives you a new chair and a few excercises because you have a bad back then you and them are wasting yer time. Why do you have a bad back if you aint at your desk? Aint likely to be your chair thats the issue?
I did see several horrendous, hippy style presentations on chiropractice that had me hearing ducks as well but looking at objective evidence from proper medical journals throws up some compelling evidence that, in the right circumstances, it does have a place. Problem is, finding a decent one! DONT LET THEM FIX YOUR PELVIS THOUGH. SERIOUSLY, DONT. YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR ARSE VIRGINITY IN A SPECTACULAR WAY.
It has also been suggested to me that I should try yoga.

Ginger spice has a DVD for 2.99 on Amazon, I can firm up and spank one out at the same time :eek:)
I spent a fair few quid on chiropractors, until I realised that it's just massage to release spasmed muscles, and then manipulation to let stuff line up once the muscles have released it. Now I use a cricket ball placed on the ground to dig into my locked lower back and arse muscles, then go for a five-mile stroll (not too strenuous or my legs go wrong), stopping occasionally to sit and twist my spine. Eventually there is an almighty crunch in one direction, then the other, and everything lines up again.


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Physio = properly trained, professional, knows own limits, very good within field of competence

Chiropractor = quack

And that goes for osteopaths, too.

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