"Physics for Future Presidents"

There is a full series of lectures on Youtube from Professor Richard A Muller of the University of California Berkeley (he's one of the people who developed the "Nemesis" companion star theory for our solar system to explain the apparent 26-million year mass extinction cycle), designed for non-scientists, covering the whole range of physics topics topics from particles, energy, relativity and quantum mechanics.

[video=youtube;6ysbZ_j2xi0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ysbZ_j2xi0&feature=BFa&list=SP095393D5B42 B2266&lf=list_related[/video]

There is a little math in there but not too much and he really concentrates on the concepts and their importance. Well worth a look if this all seems a bit esoteric for you.

Edited to add: this was recorded in 2006 so there are a few things he mentions that have moved on a bit since then. In fact, in lecture 25, he says that we haven't "seen" a planet around another star - there was actually a photo taken in 2004 that he may not have been aware of, and we've had many more pictures since:

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