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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ibilola, Sep 11, 2004.

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  1. Saw this on the web.

    Birmingham University and Wolverhampton University have announced plans to start courses to train the first British physician assistants, in a bid to
    relieve pressure on doctors working in the NHS. "The great thing about PAs [physician assistants] is that they are highly skilled and can work in general
    practice, seeing the majority of what we see,” explained Ian Walton, a general practitioner.

    Is this similar to the role planned for CMTs? If so, it looks promising. :D
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I think that little gem would be directed in the way of the RGN if the Grey Mafia have their way- which they normally do.

    I think the PA is a bit out of the spec for the humble CMT, but then again some could eat the job alive.
  3. Ventress

    Admittedly it would be at the top end of the CMT career structure,but great for the profile of CMTs. I wonder if this is what AMS has in mind for its proposed Physicians Assistants.

    Here's more on the course:

    The University of Birmingham school of medicine plans to create a new cadre of doctor associates who treat patients after two years of training in an effort to address the shortage of NHS doctors.

    This new style of healthcare worker will be based on the US physician assistant and will help administer doctors' work and organise their priorities. According to the dean of the medical school, Professor William Doe, the 'medical practitioner associates' would provide care in hospitals and GP surgeries dealing with conditions such as simple fractures. Professor Doe said, "This would take the burden of dealing with very common and frequently occurring medical problems away from fully-trained doctors in primary care, accident and emergency departments, and nursing homes."

    There are discussions with the Department of Health (DoH) to train 24 students on a pilot course, beginning in September 2005. The two-year postgraduate degree is being developed with the Tipton care organisation, a group of GP practices based in the West Midlands.
  4. Unfortunately everything of any PQ interest is directed elsewhere rather than to the 'Humble' CMT............continue to sneer and patronise and soon enough there wont be a CMT Cadre. PQ members of the AMS would do well to remember that nothing runs without the engine room! CMTs should not be seen as the Hod Carrier of the AMS. The 'Golden Hour' much vaunted and talked about is usually spent by the wounded in the company of the 'Humble' CMT if he /she doesn't or cant do their job Techs, Nurses, DRs etc become expensive wastes of money and resources who are more often than not so far stuck up their own arrses that they couldn't possibly stag on, put up a tent or carry heavy things.

    Loads more to rant about you Patronising Tw at......but I'm now chillin 8) 8)
  5. But it would have a beneficial effect on the CMT CEG as a whole, and together with planned paramedic training etc would offer a career structure for CMTs who wish to pursue it - nothing patronising about that.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    As a 'humble' hod carrying ex- MA/ CMT I've seen so many initiatives, come and go, to drag the Medic out of the Dark Ages starting back in about 1982-3 the Cbt Medical Technician double bluff were we thought we were in the pipeline for Tech pay, an enhanced traing scheme and a pathway in the civvy Paramedic world- Oh how wrong we were.

    Now the Clinical Governance has fallen nicely into the Grey Mafia's part of the court and has the CMT boxed into the corner. Like the previous poster said the CMT Cadre is nearly been priced out of the market, as the AMS sees the RGN the new shining light of the Medical battlefield. Trust me they have a place and isn't in a 432 attached to the 'Jackets cutting about the Plain for 6 weeks on Tessex.

    The fact the AMS wouldn't even fund a privately investigated NVQ 4 for CMT SNCO's and WO's, at Farnborough Tech- As it cost too much. Tells the sad facts. They certainly wouldnt fund the Graduate Course for a CMT to become a PA!

    Rant over.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I used the term 'Humble', cos that is what we are- humble to the 'oh so clever other parts of the AMS'- NOT! :evil: :evil: I concur the CMT is the spine of the AMS and without us the Techs would have very little do.
  8. Ibola

    You are obviously a sprog!!! The older and bolder CMTs have long now recognised that our particular CEG is not likely to receive anything in the way of Professional Qualification from the AMS as it stands. Other threads have hinted strongly at the possibility of Paramedic Quals......I first heard that 18 years ago and it was close then! Not to turn this into a rant about CMTs mismanagement I will get back on thread.

    A significant percentage of the CMTs I now come into contact with have A grades etc falling out of their arse's. They have (according to the Government) achieved 'better than' exam results so why if thats the case should they having taken a different career path? I feel that perhaps now (as always) the job and role of the CMT has been over sold at CIO level and Depot, consequently resulting in a complete lack of motivation and a high sign off rate at Field Unit level.

    The guys are being sold a job that they want to do and find themselves fixing Ibiloss are a Tech.......go wash the hospital sheets mate.........sweep them leaves up..change the track pads....put the 18x24 up.......dig in etc Thats not the job you joined to do is it?

    And now another carrot is dangled and has already been advocated as being outside the reach of the CMT etc.

    Ib think YOU'VE been shafted try being a CMT :evil: :evil:

    That said.(and not holding my dick never mind my breath) if it ever sneaks its way past the DRs it will never get past the Fat Arrsed Grey Mafia.As everyone knows money spent on the AMS should be ploughed into income for the DRs first and then the Nurses.
  9. As a much despised techie, I belive this PA would be the "making" of the CMT trade.

    I have worked with many CMTs and belive a lot of them to be better at Medicine than some of the expesively trained MOs. This career aspiration would give impetous(?) to the CMT cadre and overcome the Clinical Governance problem.

    But as previosly stated, the Grey mafia will no doubt become involved as they always do and try to hijack this position.

    What is needed now is a strong DGAMS who will push this forward and fight the dreaded grey mafia.
  10. God my spellinmg id crapi

    Too much beer down Emmas
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Let them have it, then after they find they can't hack it out in the field with the real Army the can blame the CMT's they had to "work with and carry" and f*ck off back to hospitals. Only down side of that is the AMS will again look like a bag of boll*cks to the wider Army and who'll make the tea?
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Nice ponit, there must be less than 10 RGN's cutting about who could do the business at the sharp end. I certainly remember it as particularly unsavoury! :lol: Beyond most RGNs. Sorry J!
  14. Lets face it, now that CG plays a bigpart in what we do (as CMTs) we are now losing any hope of 'what we think we can do'.

    In the days of ventress, we were considered capable of doing the business on tour, exercise, and in the medical centre. Unfortunately, although some think we still are, they can't let us. Slowly, but surely we are becoming the 'support element' for the professionally qualified and unless one of them is looking at what we are doing, we can't do it.

    Instead of stringing us on, why not just say 'as a CMT you cannot do it'. Then re-evaluate our role and give the new entrants a defined role within the AMS?

    I do understand that some of you are excellent medics with an outstanding knowledge and skills, but are they what the CMT role need?

    Why not have a look at a Stores Role, Transport management, Training First Aid of course) or Security. Failing that, ever thought about the Ambulance Service.........apparently, they can trat patients wityhout a doctor or nurse sitting next to them??

    Before I get off of this soap box.....................If we had our own professional Body i.e. The Institute of Military Emergency Medicine, possibly administered from The Centre of Excellence (Birmingham), where every CMT was registered and re-registered every year following an assessment of their knowledge and skills.................would this make any difference?? Would this aid CG?
  15. Feckin hell man.....thats unacceptable!!! This is a Milch cow for the financial and Professional development of DRs and get back in your box you oik!! Facking Quals and accreditation for the little men whatever next :? :roll: :roll: