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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by qwasco, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just attended a briefing last week and got a Cat 2:3 to improve my fitness. I passed the bleep test at 10.2, however I was rubbish round the assault course as I have never tried to jump a hurdle in my life, and also I think I was so psyched at passing the bleep test I didn't take it that seriously. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any exercises I could add to my gym regime to make hurdle jumping easier as that was the part of the course I couldn't complete in three attempts. I have currently been doing a lot of treadmill running as well as resistance training in the build up to the briefing.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Squats, strengthen your legs to give you more lift on the jump, also leg press, there are plenty of exercises you can, playing basket ball is how I got my jumps good.... or join an athletics club and do the hurdles, practise makes perfect, never done hurdles personally but id imagine its technique more than anything.
  3. Don't try to do proper hurdling technique unless you get a proper person to teach you it, you will just bugger it up. The proper technique is designed so you can get over it quickly, not clear it by inches for safety. Seriously get doing some heavy squats and simply practice, I made a hurdle and after a week or two of just getting used to jumping over the bloody thing the ones at my briefing were easy. On top of the squats do some simple jumps, I practiced by putting my toes to the squat box at the gym and jumping up with both feet, made a few embarrassing arse landings but after a bit of practice my simple leap was way more powerful.