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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by homer2418, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi All

    Im an office manager, who has not really done much keeping fit !!!
    ie running and all that.

    In the starting process of joining the TA, I seem to be told two different things by staff at TA Centre, ie You dont have to be fit when you join, dont worry about the medical or assesment weekend, we'll train you and get you fit
    but need to meet a certain standard by the time you end up at catterick or CSMR - 2 weeks

    Then second person advised me not to have medical or assesment week end until 3 months time, andin that time i was to do some working out and getting fit.

    Can some point me in the right direction and give me some decent advice
  2. Best advice I can give you is to Post this on the TA Board itself. This board is more for Units, Regiments etc to announce when they are recruiting. You're more likely to get replies and advice on the main TA Board.

    Good luck.
  3. I would if you have time to start pounding the tarmac (or trails - it's easier on your knees) the physical standard isn't too fantastic but you want to aim to be able to do 1.5 miles in about 12 mins - I think is the minimum for entry into the TA.

    As for medicals the TA should not be taking you on PT until you have been medically cleared so anything you do should be off your own back.

    I would also start seeing how many press ups (full extent to a fists distance from the floor) and sit ups (arms folded across your chest, fingers touching you collar bone. From the floor until your elbows touch your thighs) you can do in 2 minutes.

    Don't just go hell for leather running, try pacing yourself at about 70% effort and every now and then try running the 1.5 mile circuit at best effort (100%)

    Hope this helps
  4. I've just done the RSW weekend mate, my advice is get running now and start doing press ups and sit ups as much as possible especially if it's Infantry you are going for, you definetely have to prepare yourself even for the first weekend as you are tested, if you are really out of shape then I think waiting a few weeks before proceeding is a good idea so you can get fitter. Run a mile and a half and see how long it takes you, if its under 14 minutes then it shouldn't take too long to start improving but I think anything over that and there is a lot of work to do.

  5. Good advice from all above, don't overdo it or you'll end up in a worse state than you may be in currently. A website is being developed to assist those in your situation Should be going live in the New Year (8 Jan 07) although this may be too late for your requirement.
  6. How long from your application did it take to go on RSW weekend?
    I'll have my application in the next few days or so, been regulary training again from about November but maybe its time to step it up.
  7. Go running 5 times a week: wear decent trainers, and keep off hard surfaces. Start slowly - 2 mile jogs: after a week or so, start to pick up the pace a bit, build-in bursts of speed (50 metre sprints etc), and include some hills. After a month or so, increase distance to 3 miles, and include plenty of "speed-play" (fartlek). Maybe also start to run intervals - eg 5 x 300 metre sprints with 2 min rest between each sprint. Once comfortable with this, start to include some 4-6 mile runs - mixture of slow jog (warm-up), medium pace, plus "fartlek" etc. The acid test, IMO, is whether you can manage 3 miles in 20 mins.

    Also, go for a swim once a week - nothing extreme, but a good half hour of "laps" at a comfortable speed is excellent for general muscular conditioning, flexibility, breathing coordination etc..

    Follow a daily routine of stretching, press-ups, sit-ups etc. Again, nothing extreme to start - maybe do 3 x sets of 10 reps to start, and build-up from there as you see fit. Personally, am not a great fan of gyms - too noisy, sweaty, & foul lycra everywhere! The woods, or your local park, can be the best gym in the world; it's free, and the air quality is better. Treadmill running simply ain't the same as real running - doesn't provide the "impact" (which is beneficial!), and nor does it require the constant small adjustments/ awareness necessary when running over the ground. Plus, IMO, you need to be used to "wind & weather" - it's good for you, and - again - can provide training benefits: nothing like having to run into a good hard wind to up the ante! Very bracing!

    Hang vertically by your arms from a bar/ branch of tree or whatever for 2-3 mins a day: great for the back - does a lot to prevent problems!

    Finally, but by no means least, walk everywhere as fast as possible: use stairs rather than lift etc, and go for a few seriously long walks (preferably in boots - broken in!) if/ when possible.

    Avoid fags - if you must smoke, limit it to the occasional tab in the evening, and no more. Booze - a couple of pints once a week is fine, but more than that denudes performance/ inhibits progress, no matter what anyone says! Sensible diet - nothing extreme/ cranky. Look after you feet, and if they're in sh*t order, it's worth spending a few pounds to have a podiatrist sort them out properly/ provide advice on foot care etc..

    This should see you right. Bottom line, if you want to get reasonably fit, you can't beat running - but be sensible about it!

    Best wishes,

  8. As a soldier in the royal irish rangers northern irelands only worldwide infantry reserve i would tell you to get your runners on we are in the middle of training for op herrick in 08 in support withe the 1 batt royal irish regiment and i can tell you its no walk in the park the TA have steped up a pace now with recent ops supporting the regs in the past few years.

    another thing the TA CAN NOT make you fit thay just don't have the time so its up to you to get out yourself and do a bit personal pride should help you along
  9. Youll be fine they will get you fit tho you will have to do fitness in your spare time also to meet the standards as they do up with the training.
  10. By this do you mean they don't do any physical training with you and instead just focus on fieldcraft and trade training etc?
  11. Not physical training, as in building up your fitness, no. There will always be fitness required, the training involves testing your physical standards are above a certain level (in line with MoD standards). So you'll be expected to be fit and will have your fitness tested at every stage of training but the TA can't get you fit (no time, you see, need to do that during the week).
  12. What kind of tests can I expect then mate?
  13. Basic fitness levels are here:

    - on top of that there is the Combat Fitness Test (CFT) which consists of a march over 6 miles in 1hr 30min with a bergan/webbing, rifle and helmet (15kgs or 25kgs for infantry).

    But those are just basic tests to assess fitness. The reality is that a soldiers basic skill set involves running around with whatever you are carrying doing whatever needs to be done. To test this a number of the training programs involve physical tests. On top of section attacks you'll come across stretcher runs, long tabs, sleep deprivation, runs, fireman's lifts, swimming etc etc.

    It's no drama, you'll have realised that a soldier is expected to be fit. Not superfit, but fit enough to do a bit of running around for a while without collapsing.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    As a recruit I was going to join in a CFT and was told by the PTI that TA PTI's couldn't take recruits for PT is this still the case?
    Our unit did curcuit training once a month in the regulars gym with a regular PTI so recruits could join in
    However they wouldn't let TA join and use it outside TA nights
    Practise running because as pointed out the TA has ramped up a bit on fitness with the tempo of ops so you will have to do soem in your own time
  15. Thanks a lot, thats seems really useful, appreciate it.

    From what my mate said as long as I give 110% effort I should be fine as I'm reasonably fit now. :D