Physical standards to pass phase 1 training (CMS)

Hi there,

I've got my start dates!!

Start Phase 1 training on the 14th January 2008, and I enlist (which i assume means signs contract, swear oath) on the 8th January 2008.

Nerves kicking in already:p only joking

I'm just wondering what at the physical standards to pass phase 1 training, ie you have to pass these tests to pass phase 1 even if you've completed the rest of basic to an excellent level

Is is the 44 press up's in 2 mins and 50 sit up's in 2 mins? and also whats the run time?

I did the run time at selectionin 8:30:p so i don't think i need to worry about that, my only worry is upper body fitness, im not amazing at press up's by any stretch of the imagination, but i will work at them (press up's, situp's, pull'up's, swimming and 2 and 3.5 mile jogging)

If i do all the above once a week until i start basic, (works out something like 12 weeks), im sure i will be fit enough for the tests, bearing in mind i got 8:30 on the selection run:p


ben1985 said:
until i start basic, (works out something like 12 weeks),
Firstly, 'grats!

Secondly, it's more than that mate - 14 weeks today until I start my Phase One and that's in January.

You'll be fine, the only way to get better at press ups is to do more of them
Congratulations and i wish you the best of luck.
Like you said you don't need to worry about your running time but your press-ups i wouldn't worry about them too, they will train you up to the level of fitness you need.

Just practice, practice and practice!! i couldn't do 5 to start with but with training and practice i can now do 60 straight off.
just too add, got my first choice in the royal signals so i don't know what the fitness requirements are as such, somebody said to me they are a little lower than usual (apparently) but i will still continue to do my training and hopefully should be ok,

just another little question when would i get my joining instructsions if i start on the 14th Jan, im hoping i go to Lichfield as i would originally have for the signals, hope it aint closed down by the time i start!

joining instructions depends on your recruiter then most things.

i got mine about 2 and 1/2 months before my start date. (i start 3rd december at lichfield. attest in 4 weeks)

secondly, i believe you have to pass a combat fitness test which is 8miles in 1hr 50 with varying weight according to capbadge.

from people on here i think the intakes stop in january (just saying what iv heard, dont take it as gospel.)
The Combat fitness test and personal fitness test are the end products of phase 1, So you shouldnt have a problem with them as they will train you up to it.

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