Physical punishment??

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by gibd79, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. i re-enlisted having spent 7yrs out,the army back then has changed a massive amount so i would like to know where do soldiers stand now with physical punishment for instance if you do something wrong you get press ups,however the way the army gets around this is by calling this an exercise and not a punishment,and just how much exercise can a soldier take before he decides hes had enough.the reason i ask is because we have a PTI in our company whos a real power freak and if a young soldier even looks at him wrong half an hour later they're bleeding from their eyes,so the question is how much exercise can a soldier take before they're allowed to stand up?
  2. If it's at that sort of a stage then he should be using the AGAI 67 procedure so that records are kept to show that he isn't abusing his situation. If he's unwilling to do that then he should be AGAI'ed himself for abusing his position. The AGAI system is there to protect individuals from accusations of abuse as well as providing the mechanism for enforcing discipline.

    Obviously this has to be taken with a measure of common sense. Normal day-to-day banter / pissing about is not worthy of AGAI action, only when it gets taken so far that an official sanction is required.
  3. This is'nt an isolated case its spread throughout the battalion as an adult i see it everyday amongst the still present bullying and abuse of rank and AGAI's are a joke,however the main train of thought i was trying to push was where does the soldier stand on physical "exercise" as a corrective measure.can a soldier refuse to be physically corrected without legal ramification?
  4. I would suggest speaking with your chain of command rather than pursue the refusal to obey line, that way marks you out for potential admin/disciplinary action. Rather than go in with guns blazing, try starting off in a reasonable manner with something like "I may be missing the point here and would appreciate some guidance, but isn't physical activity supposed to be used to maintain our fitness or get us fit rather than punish us?"
  5. Came across this sort of thing occasionally when I was in (which was a very long time ago) and would second what EScotia said ... if this PTI is really out of line then a quiet word with your Platoon Sergeant or similar is likely to be more successful than open rebellion. Trouble with getting stroppy -- however much you're in the right -- is that even if (say) your CSM actually agrees with you, he can't be seen to be undermining this sgt by backing you up.

    Do most guys in your company agree that this particular PTI is seriously overdoing it compared to others?
  6. Im the same rank as said PTI and yeah 99% of the younger lads think he and a few others overdo it,however who stand up a speaks against who,for instance in battalions the hierarchy have known each other for years eat and sleep in the same mess the wives know wives kids know kids etc etc,if one soldier speaks out then he's as good as signed off or on the "shit" list for the rest of his career.if you get one sgt who's bigger than the rest and liked by all the full screws sgts and above then then the lower ranks are screwed if he develops a problem with a junior rank.i have a good mind to write detailed diary and hand it to the CO after my nxt tour when i sign off.
  7. How are you the same rank as the PTI if you have rejoined after 7 years? Is he a tom?
  8. "Say again over?" WTF
  9. I think the word you're grasping for is, "INTEGRITY".
  10. Did i say when i re-enlisted,sounds like there might be a few on here who cant shake the army mentality of jumping to conclusions and having only their opinion count,and the answer to the question was lance corporal,and yeah integrity might come into it when someones killed,miamed or career destroyed but when does any tom speak out against a higher rank (infantry especially)and not encourage the wrath of the others. ?its not cdrills im after i deal with them being misinterpreted every working day.
  11. Mate, it doesnt matter what rank you are, try having a quiet word with him. Tell him that you think he might be pushing it a bit. Remember mate youre meant to be there not only lead but to look after the troops beneath you in the rank structure. Grow some balls and stick to your guns, people will respect you for it in the long run.
  12. yeah ok i may have used the PTI as the main example but like i said he's not an isolated case,the question which seems not to be getting answered is where does the junior soldier stand in the way of having rights in regard to physical punishment and or refusing to do physicsal punishment.Having a word with this guy aint no problem its having words with the sgts/csgts thats beasting the lower ranks.
  13. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Not a reg, so i suppose the same does not really occur in my little world, but my advice to lower ranks would be to do as your told, and bring it up as an issue afterwards. Being respectful at ALL times, and use correct CoC as said above.
  14. Correct part timer, your opinion on these matters sits somewhere comfortably between a London Cab Drivers and a Congolese immigrants....
  15. Your oppos are looking up to you as a time-served veteran. Have no shame in having a quiet word over a pint with the individuals in question or in approaching your CoC. No complaint need be issued and it needn't be taken further, but this is obviously something that's playing on your mind, so make sure something is said to someone.

    You know the reasons you signed-up and re-signed up. They weren't to watch your oppos get their "rses handed to them on a daily basis so do act and let us know what you decide. Good luck!