Physical & Medical standards

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by lewisn1, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys and gals i have been looking and searching but i cannot find anything to do with physical and medical standards for joining the Artillery

    I just want to know so i can start training

  2. Not been searching very hard, have you; there's loads of information just a Google away. Army Jobs
  3. physical standards

    run 1.5miles in under 12mins
    jerry cann sprints 200m
    lift 50kg
    a couple of pull ups

    and your in

    mental standards?

    dont have to be a genius for the gunners
  4. Agree for the guns - how about locating regiments, when I was there you needed minimum SSG2 to join them (as I show my age) - might have changed now in the age of WK et al.

    <edited for missing G>
  5. Cheers guys, i did look on the website but i couldnt find anything specific for gunners lol i thought it would of requirments would of been different i just thought to myself i would probs have to have good upper body to carry heavy shit like shells and stuff compared to infantry ect


    I was curious about the hearing for the artillery i kind of guessed it would be lower then the infantry lmao i think most gunner end up death lol

    any tips on how to try right now am kind of not done much training just a few press up and sit ups i have no equipment so any tips here would be nice
  6. You may not need to be a genius to join the RA, but you have to get a half decent BARB score, I forget exactly what the pass mark is but its still higher than some, in the mid to late thirties I think. There isn't a TST I believe

    So yes you can be too thick for the guns

    I am unsure is your BARB is taken into account if you choose some of the more technical ends of the Royal Regiment, all I am saying is the pass mark for the RA in general.
  7. This sounds like a WAH!

    So i'll leave further comment to others!
  8. oh forgot about the BARB, isnt really that hard to get a level 2 for maths or english. i got lvl2 for maths and a pathetic level 1 for english (must have been a bad day) :oops: .anyways still passed (Royal engineers).
    No i dont thing you have to take a TST for the gunners, like for infantry you just need common sence and be able to Comunicate in the team tasks.
  9. thanks for all the replies

    Well on my BARB test i remember seeing RA light gunner and the A something gunner and stuff

    but on my key skills my recruiter said i got 1 for both maths and english considering maths is my worst subject but english am good at it and i thought i did really well and my recruiter said that 1 was the highest anything below is not good ?????