Physical Eligibility Review

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tds1990, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. I'm due to be at ADSC Lichfield tommorow for a Physical Eligibility Review before my start date on the 28th of Feb.
    Problem is I had quite a bad sprain to my ankle before Christmas and could only start training again last week and as a result my fitness has dropped hugely and I'm quite worried of failing and the repercussion this will have on my start date?

    I know in the time between now and the end of February I'll have no problems with my fitness in time for basic and when I went for my Selection Centre at Lichfield last January my run times were all great. Will this be taken into consideration, will I be given another chance to prove myself before then, or will my start date get pushed back?
  2. You need to do this PER prior to enlistment and if you dont pass medical and fitness assessments will not get the pass required......maybe speak to your Recruiter first thing in the morning and see if theres a chance of getting you on another PER in the next 3-4 weeks. However extremely poor planning on your part leaving it the day before to start worrying about it....have you mentioned this already to your ACIO?????
    PERs are extremely full at the mo so it will be very tight to try and rebook but maybe achieveable the start of february but if you had sorted sooner would of been sorted. And No you have to pass everything again as you have already been informed this is a one day assessment to make sure you are still at the required standard.
  3. Medical shouldn't be a problem unless there's something I'm unaware of, it's just the fitness I'm unsure on.

    I'm 85-90% sure I will pass anyway I'm just thinking of the what ifs at the minute. I think it's just nerves gettin to me to be honest because of everything I just wanted to know worst case scenario
  4. The medical is and will be an issue if you have an ankle injury that prevents you from doing the fitness which could get your MEDICALLY DEFERRED
  5. What does the Physical Eligibility Review consist of? Does everybody need to do this or is it just people who have had quite a long wait for example, over 6 months since selection?
  6. If your start date for Basic training is one year since you passed ADSC (and under 2 years) you have to do a one day PER, joining instructions will be given once your allocated to phase 1.
  7. Just finished my PER now and thank **** passed everything! Even managed to beat my PB run time somehow! Bring on Phase One!!!
  8. Hi, how long do you wait to do your PER? i passed my 3rd interview just over a week ago and was told i only got to go to lichfield for a day.
    What does the day consist of? time you go and the time of when you finish?

  9. Your literally there for a few hours... I got there, had my hearing, eyesight, lung function tests, my height and weight taken, medical, jerry can carry, heaves, ammo box lift, back strength and static lift, had some dinner, did my 1.5 mile, interview at the end to discuss my results and confirm my job choice and went home... Probably 5 hours tops
  10. Hey tds

    Thanks for the message. What time did you get there?were there many people is us separate female n males?
    How did it take till you got your per dates? Iv been waiting over a week now