physical development course

hi, I had a sh1t run time on the day of selection but everything else went really well and i've been offered my job choice but i have to do the physical development course. What does it involve and will i be looked at like i'm a complete mong while on it? Any help much appreciated

How are you going to look like a complete mong, you think your going to be the only one that's been recommend for it? hehe.
suppose not but it seems like a bit of a special needs class lol
lfc2001 said:
suppose not but it seems like a bit of a special needs class lol

lol what planet are you on, it's going to be full of fattys and people that just didn't work out hard enough before doing selection, like you I suspect. Have you tried searching/googling?
its surely there to make sure you get in the army

Think about it, theyre putting in the extra time to get you up to standard.

Does it matter if they think your a complete mong?

You'll most likely get that in basic training anyway! ha ha

But no, seriously, its there to make sure you get in, so get through it mate and best of luck!

sounds like your on about the Soldier Pre-Conditioning Course, not for mong just people who need extra help with fitness, guys i know who have done it said it was great and helped loads go for it and just make the most of the exta help :D
my run time was 10:55 and i'm goin for the fusiliers 2nd battalion. not goin til march the 10th anyway so i've got loads of time to get as fit as possible
anyone over 10:20 gets put on this, my mate who went 2 R ANGLIAN was on it, 3 weeks of extra training, and by the time the other lot started phase 1 he was helping them all with ironing, was alot fitter,stuff like that, I think if you can even be asked to be put on it if you feel you will need time to adjust? from what ive heard its reccomended.
thats what i thought. Do they make you do everyhing that you would be doing in phase 1? like ironing and kit inspections?
i`m going for infantry. i asked this questions ages ago with no respeonce and it seems a great idea really. my recruiing sergant hs told me for my chosen regiment they are looking for 11 mins anything between 11 and 12.30 people will get put into the development as long as they get good marks on all other tests. be good aswell to go early nd settle in aswell as get the fitness up in a way sets u up one step ahead of everyone else.

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