Physical changes in 'late middle age'

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by seaweed, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Thread not for under-sixty striplings ..

    With all this snow about I got out my fleece-lined snow boots that I bought in 1956 - and had trouble putting them on although my notional shoe size hasn't changed. Somehow my arches seem to have risen or something.

    Made me wonder what else changes in retirement. The 1955 RN greatcoat I re-buttoned for wearing to winter funerals is now tight across shoulders and chest (waist size unchanged for last 35 years at least). And old business shirts no longer do up at the neck - is this why oldies sometimes look badly wrapped, because they can't do their collar up behind their tie? Open neck doesn't do if what is to be displayed looks like a graft from a Norfolk turkey.

    Is this just me or have others noticed similar things?
  2. AAGF


    It's not just you, Seaweed - all my old clothes have mysteriously shrunk too!
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Even my new ones - first wash and they feel tighter. Must change my washing powder.

    The only item of clothing from my wedding day which still fits is the tie :crying:

    I think the weight which seems to have crept in round my waist is flattening my feet as I now take a larger shoe size than 20 years ago!
  4. It's not my clothes that worry me overmuch nowadays -I move some buttons around to modify as necessary. In any case I think I have passed the "expanding" era and am entering the "reducing" era (it is an automatic process for some) I will rummage in the attic for some nice 1960's styles I haven't worn for years. I was slim and elegant then!

    What does worry me is "her indoors" insistence on another outfit only months after a very expensive outfitting for an earlier occasion!
    When I say "that fitted you very well, why not wear it again", I unleash a veritable fury.
    It takes me days to find out that, while she herself actually liked the outfit, the trigger words "fitted you very well", are totally inappropriate in this context.
    It is a hard lesson but a fact of life - women change shape/volume much more rapidly than men!

  5. I belong to the "shrinking" variety, trousers that sat snugly on the waist last year now sit on the solar plexus ala Simon Cowell.
    One foot stubbornly remains a 9, the other has shrunk too an 8, at least now a days you can blag an odd set, there must be some very confused shoe shop stock takers out there.

    Decided before xmas to get rid of the mess dress that had sat in a plackie bag for many a year, no idea why i kept it, trousers fell down, but the jacket was ok still, donated to the local theatre group, along with boots and spurs.
    The last time i wore a tie was about 10 years ago, reading this i went and did a headcount in the wardrobe, 28 (12 of which still wrapped)
    charity shop trip coming up, keep the 2 black uns just in case.
  6. Two black ties! Nice to know you have at least two friends who are likely to tip off the perch before you do.
  7. As a youth in the fifties bracket, a set of patent leather George boots borrowed from the band years ago, 84/85, were always snug, but I wear them with black tie at Christmas, they are now v tight.

    Many fabrics seem to shrink in storage.

    Oh and I don't need a comb, although face fungus is possible in 5-7 days, used to be 5-7 days before I needed to shave at all even in my thirties.
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Just remember, £500 for her dress will be expected.
    £100 for her hair-do will be expected.
    £200 for a pair of shoes will be expected.
    £150 for a matching handbag will be expected.

    But £50 for a blowjob and you are toast.
  9. Oh my God!

    It's a good thing I can still earn a bob or two now and again - perhaps enough for the blow job anyway.

    And by the way what period is actually "late middle age" - does it overlap with "old age" - and is there a "late old age" - and at what age does age become inconsequential? And at what age does it become noticable that no one is listening to you anyway, i.e. you become an elderly relative burbling away in the background?

    I used to dream of a time in the future when Girl Guides would rush up to help me cross the road. So far it has never happened - although a mature but very presentable lady from the Salvation Army offered to assist me once. I was so surprised I failed to ask for her telephone number!
  10. Hello each Happy NewYear to all.

    Very emotive subject this. I was once in my prime (early 40's) 5' 9", 38" waist and 46" chest with bicepes to crack walnuts with an' could run all the legs off a throughbred centipeed. However my legs which were 31 1/2" then are now 29" and shrinking while the feet seem to be spreading sideways while staying the same length size 9.

    All my clothes in the wardrobe now are smaller than when put in there especially good quality leather belts which have shrunk alarmingly. SWMBO castigates me regarding this phenomina of shrinkage and brings in eating, lack of exercise and snoring into play regardless of context to prove her case, not one of which she has lost in over 30 years. The priceless garments of SWMBO however do not suffer this problem of elemental downsizing but from something titled 'it looked good in the shop' which applies to those gossamer creations bought that very day and destined never to be worn or 'its not me' attributed to those items of hidious milinary and haut coutoure expense no more than a few weeks old thus requiring replacing and a trip to Age Concern. However I cannot find decent explanatory reasons as to the shrinkage and the difference in perspective between me and her in doors which will satisfy my still cogent facalities.

    I have the assurance of an old codger (who is always accompanied by a dog on a string) from down the road that what we are experiencing are well known phenomina, which are never noticed by younger folk as they just throw clothes on the floor or on themselves prior to lounging about the furniture or leaving home only to return, with its existence kept under wraps by Spooks etc in order to prevent the trade in furniture company shares from collapsing. He (the old codger) seems to think its also apart of an Atlantian - alien plot with wardrobes forming a spatial interface into other diamensions and quotes sections of 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' as his main source of information and that this explains the size difference as M&S in Narnia caters for smaller life forms to those in Colchester.

    Happy Daze, to all
  11. I've been to Narnia - at least that what it seemed like at 0200 hrs this morning. Not nice, the women are scary (seemed to have a shortage of suitable clothing for such cold weather!) the dogs have fleas, and my door key didn't fit in the lock!
    And the drinks seemed to get very expensive.

    I think old men should ignore those who think it is necessary to "celebrate" the beginning of another year. After all we have seen many such and they are all the same, bills, grumpy women, demanding assholes (the public at large), and assorted irritants. Roll on 2012.

    Nevertheless Happy New Year everyone!