physical assessment during induction week?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by LukeyP, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    (please delete if there is already a topic on this)

    I'm just wondering what is the physical/medical assessment that you must pass during induction week in phase1? Can you help me out thanks.
  2. Pulse - check
    Warm body-check
    You're in.
  3. thats it? :D
  4. eyetest aswell to make sure youve not went blind during the couple of months after ADSC , oh yeah and you get a finger up your a**e , if you like it your in :)
  5. I heard its not their finger they use......
  6. that was supposed to be a suprise :D
  7. What? you get a finger up your arse? No my **** virginity! :cry:
  8. im pretty sure a prostate exam isnt gunna be part of if mate, but now im starting to get worried the amount ive seen it mentioned recently!! :p
  9. lmao im only idding that isnt a part of it haha :D
  10. phew!!! finally my arrse can relax to normal size, im worried about the cough and drop let along some middle aged dude going up my chuff to the knuckle!! :D
  11. haha the cough and drop lasts for literally 2 secs mate ;)
  12. i read about some guy on here where it lasted a full 10 seconds, maybe he was jokin but :D
  13. the doctor obviously liked his penis lmao :L:cool:
  14. thats exactly what i said!! lol