Physical Abuse in Training

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ACAB, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Right,

    Hands up, who got battered, stripped off, covered in Cam cream from head to foot and suffered the Land Rover wheel torture or the sandbag over the head and jerrican of cold water over the head as a punishment for sleeping on sentry or being ambushed by the demo squad?

    To any youngsters reading this thinking WTF? this is how it used to be done.

    What was your worst punishment during training?

    Be feckin sensible: No names.
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  2. I was never bullied, only gang raped, which I saw as favouritism.
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  3. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Land rover wheel torture, yes. Reggie baths, yes (but not for me) Body blows were frequent but proper beatings didn't happen. Certainly, the full screws liked to give the idea that they were only a hair's breadth from extreme violence.

    Were they bullies? Yes. But mostly, they operated within what was acceptable.

    This was 1992
  4. I was forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol and got called nasty names by the SSM the next morning for falling over. Twice.
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  5. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    9/10 people enjoy it, you know.
  6. I was made to run the "Corridor of Pain" - basically trying to get from one end to the other while the training screws tried to leather you.

    Took part in the "Sprog Olympics" at my first unit with 5 other new arrivals - drink booze from the "Respirator Of Doom" (S10 with the canister removed and a dirty pint poured in instead), then throw self out of 2nd story window onto issue thin green mattress below. Points were awarded for style, grace and bones broken.
  7. Apparently they either did not know or care about a condition called "alcohol poisoning."
  8. all of the above, apart from the bath. Still waiting for it
  9. None of the above, by the staff at any rate. I did get my clock cleaned for being a mouthy little fuck, but gave as good as I got.
  10. Waterboarding was popular in the 70's but we called it something else before it was 'invented' by the CIA. Or lashed down in the back of a trailer and doused with a petrol jerrican ( water with a dash of petrol for aroma) to see if the victim would crap themselves while you fumbled with your zippo.

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  11. You've got me there, unless you mean the alchohol had been fiddled with. By adding water or something
  12. Round the square with a shell case half full of wet sand above the head, pokey drill, regi bath (not me), valising

    Dance of the flaming arseholes, idiot olympics etc were for fun, not punishment, so don't count
  13. One of the lads got a "fleet bath" and was eventually got kicked out after 28 days in DQs. One of the charges was "Letting his kit fall in to an insanitary state"
  14. Not fiddled with, simply far too much causing an ethanol overdose. Happens fairly often in uni initiations.
  15. Two wahs in a day. Not bad going
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