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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ADking, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    training for the paras, and wanted your wise opinions on my current programme,
    am i doing enough, too much etc..

    Last 1.5 Mile - 8:22
    10k - 37 mins (over dartmoor)

    2 mins Press Ups
    2 mins Sit Ups

    Max effort Pull Ups x 3 Sets
    6 Mile Run with hills

    10 min jog at 60%
    100m sprint then 100m jog x 10 reps
    10 mn jog at 60%

    4 Mile Tab carrying 15kg max effort
    2 Min Press Ups
    2 Min Sit Ups
    Max effort Pull Ups x 3 sets

    Rest Day includes 2 mile walk at steady pace

    6 Mile Run with hills
    10 x Hill sprints (30 metre hill)

    10 min jog 60%
    100m sprint then 100m jog x 10 reps
    10 min jog 60%

    4 mile loaded march carrying 15kg max effort

    Loads of chicken, eggs, cereals, fruit, pasta
    Weight on tabs increases weekly by 1-2 kg
  2. I'd say that you're doing too much.
  3. Yeah, I'd factor in a rest day, how old are you and how long have you been training ?
  4. Ive been training just over a year now, 17 years old, did a 16 week Army Prep course ran by a regular rifles SJT and an ex marine PTI so ive done a fair bit of training before introducing weight etc.. Ive got PRAC in a few weeks so wanted to up the intensity. I did have rest days but got bored sat doing nothing so introduced the walking/tabbing as a bit of extra phys at a lower intesnity
  5. Here's all you require for PRAC

    Soldier recruiting - British Army Website
  6. What's your body mass? Just curious as an indicator to nutrition; no reason to heavily cut fats if you're obviously physically active & especially as you're only 17.

    Why not go for a swim instead on Thursday as a form of non load bearing PT if you're bored.

    Are you doing the weighted marches in the issued boots? I'd probably just focus on running (steady state, HIIT, Fartlek) to be honest, take the Sunday off to recuperate & own body mass resistance training (press ups, sit ups, heaves, burpees etc) so that you're comfortable aerobically handling your own body mass for combat PT (assault course, practicing casevacs etc).
  7. BMI is 26.6, Marches im doing in walking boots. Cheers for the advice, swimming is a good idea hadnt thought about that.
    I went through a bit of a low carb low fat phase to get down on the BMI and havent changed it back, but Im including some fats like egg yolks and have upped my carb intake with a bowl of pasta daily and cereals for brekky / snacks. taking in roughly 2000kcal daily
  8. Its not a bad plan at all.

    You will need to add in a couple of unscheduled rest days now and then to avoid getting stale.

    You would be better off with changing Saturday for more extended intervals 5 x 600m @ 90% would be a good one to start with but you can play with any distance from 200m to 1000m. Write them down and try and beat the times every 2 weeks but never run so hard that form suffers.

    Try a long easy loaded march every now and again (say every 3 weeks) of 10-15 miles just so you know what it feels like but remember to factor in more rest days after.

    Above all, listen to your body - good luck.
  9. Cheers for the advice, thats more a guidline than anything, 6 milers are the minimum distance i run on the long disatnce days, and on the interval days i usually do a few more reps. Il give the longer sprints ago, they
    should help me work through the lactic acid build up
  10. How about throwing in a few circuits classes at the local sports centre? Good variety and you can measure your progression over the weeks. Plus there are normally a few hotties to follow round should you need the extra motivation.
  11. Where is the beer at? No good passing basic and getting into the Paras if you can't drink!
  12. Looked into it but im doing sprints and upper body exercise at home which i can tailor to my own fitness level and its free
  13. Laying off the beer until i pass PRAC, dont want to put on any weight between now and then
  14. Point hinted at by others but you can over train and when something goes ping its lots of time off doing nothing. Also can leave you prone to illness/infection . Nothing wrong with a rest day say Saturday , chill out, couple beers and have a gentle swim midweek . 10 k in 27 minutes ? Really though ?

    * OK i misread that, my mistake, your fault. 37 minutes well done sprog