Phys & education requirements for RMP reserves

I've just finished my last year of school but my grades aren't good enough to get me to where I originally wanted to go (commission in the RMP), and after discussing with my family and friends I've decided I'd actually prefer to take a couple of years out of school and just experience "normal" life before applying, since I decided if I was going for a commission I'd want to make a career out of it as opposed to leaving after 4-8 years.

In the mean time I've decided to join the RMP reserves as a soldier (there's a detachment a half an hour drive from me) but due to being a lazy cnut I'm in pretty bad physical shape (not obese but definitely on the chubby side). Am I right in saying the phys requirements are identical to the regs (mile and a half in under 12 mins etc.)?

I also read something about needing GCSE English to join as a reserve soldier. I don't have GCSE English (again due to being a lazy cnut). Is that a requirement for all reserve roles or is it purely for RMP (I'm assuming because there's a lot of paperwork involved)?

I realise I could ask these questions at the AFCO but they already have 2 open cases for me and I don't want to complicate it more by bringing this to them.

Any help or advice is appreciated :)
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