Phys at Sunny Bordon

Discussion in 'REME' started by StabTiffy2B, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Howdy all,

    I'm a bit of a biff at the moment and need to start sorting my phys out. I've tried getting into a routine, but the odd lunchtime run and my early starts/late finishes aren't really helping.

    I'm off to sunny Bordon soon, for a couple of weeks, and it's the ideal time to get a bit of a routine going and beast myself back into shape.

    I can't stand treadmills, therefore has anyone got any decent running routes around the area? Prefereably a selection with some 'interesting' ground and the like.

  2. Try Really good for making your own runs, searching for others in the area etc.

    Hope this helps.
  3. a flash back for the old n bold ..... E and F sheds ..... shiverrrrrr
  4. The routes are in the gym normally, some nice country type terrain to be had.
  5. I personally liked the triangle around the TTA and immediate training area, about 4.5 miles if I remember, not to be confused with the smaller triangle, round the pitches, the Fire Station and the bank, only about 2.5 miles!
  6. Speak to the gym staff there, there are mapped out routes in the woods at the bottom of Budds Lanes - the yellow and white IIRC, which are X-Country.
  7. Yip, I concur - the white and yellow jobbers in the woods - you end up all the way up at the top end of the Trg area up from the fire-station on the white - I used to blast my mountian bike round there nearly every day - cracking.

    You also may discover discarded pron mags near the road on the top bit and there are usualy pretty blonde things on horses to distract you most days. Nice way to spend an hour and no mistake.

    Good god, what have I done with my life?
  8. Cheers gents. I'll head by the gym when I get there. Anyone else got any hidden gems?

    Errr... are there actual birds on horses, or is it a sub-set of the porn mags?
  9. Yep, yer actual birds - there was this one blone who used to race me around the place when I was on my bike - we had a right laugh but never actualy spoke to each other not even to say hello! Wierd, but that's Bordon for ya!
  10. Try Fizz not Phys & Egyptian PE afterwards much better knocks you into better social shape you will be become an all round fellow (very)
  11. Ahh the bordon triangle, fond memories.
    Esp on a freezing january morning. There also used to be a good run through the woods past what was Martenique. There are some sand hills down by what was the cricket club. If running is your thing then Bordon caters quite well.
    For everything else it is pretty shiite.
    8) 8) 8) :lol:
  12. I always found that as long as you were quick enough to dap down to the bar it was enough. Also the Friday afternoon sprint up from the TTA to join the wacky races away from the place was a great test of your stamina.