Phwoooooooaaaarrrrr ! Ms Chapman


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Aye, that red coat really matches the gwar of her hair!

And we all know how much Arrsers love gwars.
I'd certainly like to be her handle-her.

I'll get my coat.

Chapman doesn't sound like a very Russian name though....
Cuddles will be along in a minute drooling all over her
I'm here! Sorry I'm late, here's your latte and your cappucino with hazel syrup; M4 was a bit ticklish this morning...droooooooooooooool.
So on the finger scale gents

How many would you cut off for a go on that :)
Which of yours don't you want? The one with the wedding ring on it?
Now Thats one Red I wouldn't object to being in my bed rather than under it.

Of course I would have to kill her afterwards...

Not for reasons of national security.... I just like killing them afterwards...
Hope some kind Russian will scan the pics on to the t'interweb.... failing that how does one get a subscription to Maximski?
Looks more like Minnie Driver (sorry, Cuddles)


mmmmmmm I'd suck the peanuts out of her shite and keep em for a midday snack......fcuk ive been in Brunei for too long.
Do you expect me to talk Ms Chapman because If you keep dressing like that myself and most of ARRSE will be queing up to tell you everything we know (not much) but it's the thought that counts.

Russian spy Anna Chapman handed top state medal by President Medvedev for spy work in the West | Mail Online
I don't normally go weak-kneed when looking at girls in lingerie but my eyes have gone so funny that all the text is unreadable...

Thanks, my taxi is outside and I'll just grab my coat...


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