Phuket Thailand videos



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Gosh. Gurning Muppets and baldy tosspots?

Someone remind me why, of all the time I have spent in Phuket, I have never spent an evening in Patong?


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I was in Phuket/Pattya last week.

Fcuking pissed down the entire time. Deluged. That'll be monsoon season then, for future reference. I had a great time though, did that jungle cable sh1t, ATV'ing, parasailing, speedboats, James Bond Island/Phi Phi Island. And emptied my spuds a fair bit too, which is always a bonus.
Last year we went to the Allamanda Laguna Hotel in Phuket for the third time (family hol not a shag-tour) and thought I'd gone to Saudi by mistake.

The year before there were a lot of Russian mafia types with their suicide blonde molls staying in the other hotels in the lagoon area, but this time it was Arabs with women in full purdah. I found that very uncomfortable when other female guests were around the pool in bikinis.

One thing I did curse - going to another hotel on the small ferry we passed two women in full black kit and covered faces pedalling a pedalo - and I hadn't got my camera!

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