Phuket at Christmas


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Within striking distance of Karon, decent digs with en suite, sat TV, wi-fi and a bit of distance from the big Septic hotels on the coast. I'll be with the bird so I dont want to live above a chi-chi bar, you know? A garden would be nice but I'll do an apartment if its quiet. Dont need a pool necessarily because I dont like getting wet. But if there is a pool I'll live with it.

I'll need a motor but I can get one of those little Suzuki jeep things if need be. But I'd prefer to rent a local motor.

3-4 weeks, cash or card.

Any help / advice / offers appreciated.

Thats offers of accomodation. Not offers of Thai Dogging, you know?
Am off to Centara Villas at the north end of Karon Beach very shortly, will give you a heads up next month :D
Is there a reason you have chosen Phuket?

I have family that live in thailand so know it well. I would say that phuket is not the best place to go, its a bit like benadorm rather than the paradise you would expect. The sex trade ruins the place, and as you are with a female its not going to make her happy. a good place for a base to see the normal tourist things, but at xmas its extra pricey and busy.

At xmas its going to be expensive anywhere in the world so why not go somewhere a bit different? I would recommend borneo, or sri lanka, but it depends on your budget really and what you are into and what you want from your hols.

Anyway, i stayed in peach hill resort, kata beach, just a very short ride to karon beach. Kata is a real beach, quieter and i would say better for couples. The hotel was average, away from the masses and 3 pools, lovely grounds, good base. free rides to beaches, a spa and good priced drinks! Just make sure you go to the north end of karon beach at least to keep the girlfriend happy :p


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jerro-on-tour said:
Is there a reason you have chosen Phuket?
We've done Hua Hin and Ko Samui. Phuket was the birds idea (maybe she's trying to tell me something?) some mate of hers at work said it was OK.

She likes to bake on a beach during the day then put some slap on and swank it at night so she's big on Sofitel / Sandals type places. I thought this year we cold try something different, ie: something that wouldnt cost the price of a small bleedin car. If I dont find something soon she will book us into one of those up-themselves Spa Resorts and I will find out what you get in Thailand for murdering Hippies.
Was in Phuket last year loved it, stayed at Kamala beach, pretty quiet but only 10 mins in a tuktuk to Patong. Used mainly travellers cheques and cash in at hotel but used the visa to pay for trips and some of the more expensive things we bought although its all much cheaper than here! We didn't hire a car just used taxis and tuktuk's they were all pretty cheap even to go distances.
Try here, Karon Beach. Excellent service and cheap as chips!! Good local services direct from the Hotel and outside. Roof top swimming pool with bar. Mrs PTD & I went there last Christmas and loved every minute of it.
Local staff are very freindly and very helpful.
Benidorm of Thailand is a good description of Patong but its great all the same, try and get out too Phi Phi Island for a couple of days, ideal with a bird and one of the most beautifull places ive ever been.

I rented a 4 room suite in Patong for three weeks a couple of streets back from the beach around 18 months ago, £9 a night. never spent more than i fiver on a meal and your an instant millionaire filmstar as soon as you step off the plane. I intend to live there one day.
Its away from it but if needs must you can take a taxi to patong/karon etc.

Cape Panwa Hotel or its sister Kantary Bay hotel if you want an appartment. Private beach, reasonable selection of restaurants around but dont go there if you want boom boom bars



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Cheers for the advice. A screw-up with the travel agents means we've been moved to Kata with an upgrade. Rock-on screw-ups.

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