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  1. Anyone recently completed this course? I'm aware there is beaucoup pre-course reading etc. Any ideas what level it is "at" in military terms, ie. BATLS, Practical parts of CMT1 etc.
  2. Who cares when you're in the 'Nam man! Beaucoup dinky-dao. ******* GI medic number 1. VC-ien number 10, mama san.
    What a pranny!
  3. Oh and i don't know the answer to your question, just thought i would take the piss a bit
  4. I did it last year in Brisbane, got the book the day I turned up. My preparation for it was jet lag and a hangover. If you have to revise for it you should be questioning your career choice TBH
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  5. You weren't there man!!!
  6. Good to know, some civ mates of mine have said it's nails and required intensive studying before hand. But then again they are firemen...
  7. It's a peice of piss, and anybody with a reasonable understanding of the subject and a degree of common sense, should be able to pass it.

    It is a good course though, as it gives you systems and processes for dealing with trauma. So worth doing but only if someone else funds it for you............
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  8. FIREMEN! I rest my case
  9. If you are current and have recently served in a medical role then it should all be fine.
    If you've done BATLS before then you will need to wind your neck in, PHTLS is handy with needles but they still shy away from knives.
    Take a hint from the previous post, you get the world and his dog on PHTLS so it's easy for some, rock hard for others, just depends on where you're starting from
  10. trumpton shouldn't be doing PHTLS , but it's ok they have their own faculty ... I've seen IHCD techs and the better 50 % of VAS crews pass the course with little sweat - and that's mainly been over some of the harder theory stuff, Health professionals should have no problem with the theory asnd as some of the skills labs are really just for shits and giggles ...
  11. Are you asking about PHTLS from a military standpoint? I had ITLS and my agency sent me to do PHTLS (just to add to the alphabet soup) but I didn't really see the benefit.