Phrases that are no longer fashionable

Hmm, what about... "is it in yet...?"

"Oh sod, I think the condoms broke...!"
As black as a witches tit...



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As black as a witches tit...

Would that now be classed as racist/sexist/phobic or hate of some sort?

Or maybe the result of light pollution has made it redundant.
Now then, now then, now then. khhhhhhhalm down!!!


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'There's more than one way to skin a cat' - School kids tend to look askance at me whenever I use it.

'Fiddlesticks' - Used to express annoyance, irritation, frustration usually with what another has said or claims. I often use it class but I've not heard many others use it.

'Stuff and nonsense' - Rubbish.