Photoshop geek needed

Hi all. I have a series of portrait digital pictures i would like to join into a panoramic. Normally easy enough done but 4 of them all have slightly differing light levels and the fifth one drastically so compared to the others.

I was hoping i could tempt somebody to tinker with and join them for me and i will put a donation into H4H? Im hoping to print it out to a large canvas in the future so would like it done better than my slapstick abilities.

Can you show the pictures or is this not possible? Then I can tell you whether it is within my abilities/time restraints
Have you taken them in RAW or Jpeg? The exposure will be a hell of a lot easier to sort out if you have the original RAW files.

Either way PM me and I'll sort it for you, as long as it's Hols4H that you mean! :p

You might like to re-post this in one of the computer forums - they are generally a helpfull bunch?
Why would you do that? The Photography Forum is exactly the right place for this.
exposure is sorted by the programme ...... Ive only done it in jpeg as the resultant files can be as big as 70mb

heres London ...springtime I think

Ive used more than a few , but to me ...ICE is the best by a wide margin with the least faff to use and the results are pretty good at the stitch
I don't want to be overly rude, but those just wouldn't cut it on a canvas, the joins would stand out like sore thumbs.

They're fine for casual viewing on a monitor, but for anything else they wouldn't work.
nah ...fair point ....because I moved too much when I took them ...and not rotated about a central point ....... the error is with me ......

this one I took with a better rotation

This is around the 32mb but Ive reduced it to go on image shack , the full file will have more detail .... One join error to the left time Im going to use a monopod
2 major join errors, not one and that's at low res.

It's not your photographs, it's the program or your use of it.

Unless you have manual control of the image after it's been joined there will almost always be discrepancies somewhere. If I'm putting together an eight image composition it'll generally take me about four to six hours start to finish to get it right, and that's before you start dealing with shadows and reflections.

Having said that, it depends on how good you want the end result to be. Like producing a realistic HDR, it isn't a rush job.
Sorry for the delay all, and thanks for the help.

The images can be found here, unfortunately they are only in jpg (The full size 1.6mb files will be uploaded to a server). Images 1-4 are the main ones i would like in, the 5th would be a bonus if the lack of far background detail doesnt look too crap in contrast to pic4.
It's certainly doable, but I'd need the original shots from camera to make it look decent.
The reason for needing them is two fold; firstly to produce a good enough quality image to print, but more importantly the files from camera will still have the Exif intact, which is the key to balancing the exposure and White Balance.

Because of the dynamic range you'd need to balance the exposure twice, once down to the level of Nos 1 & 2 to get the sky, and then up to the levels of number 5 to get the foreground; otherwise you'd either end up with the sky being blown out and white, or the foreground being dark, dull and lacking the warmth and detail. Once the two different sets are combined you can then blend them to create the final image.

If you still want it done either post them to an online file storage site , or PM me and I'll give you an FTP address to upload to.
I knew that about the originals, I posted that to see if that result would have been ok. Obviously a lot more adjustment in tone & contrast is available when working with the raw files.

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