Photoshop Elements 9

I was going to buy Elements 9, but the reviews on Amazon slag it off as being far too resource hungry even on a high end PC.

Is anyone here using it ?

(I have Elements 8 which runs OK on my PC which is a couple of years old now)
Anything Adobe eats up your resources, I've tried it extensively, both the full version and elements, and although both good, they slow your PC down incredibly.

Corel Paint Shop Pro Ultimate X2, the latest, will cost you less than one tenth of the full version of Adobe, and will do everything Adobe can do, but in a simpler and easier to use interface. You can get it on Amazon for under £50.

Adobe has become an industry standard, but instead of re-working the system from time to time they just pile corrections and updates on top of each other and it just gets slower and slower and slower, but people accept it because it's the "industry standard" and people are sheep.

Corel rocks!
My question is - why do you need to upgrade? does 9 do more for you than 8? I have elements 7 and it does everything I need and more, so why would I pay more to update the software? it's not as if it wears out!

Have you never upgraded software ?
I have to agree with Sympathetic_Reaction here. I also use Elements 7 and I'm still not anywhere near using it to it's full capacity so don't really see a need to upgrade. Depends on what you're using it for I suppose, if you're selling your images etc then I guess every little helps.
I’ve got Elements 4.0.1 through to 8 on different Macs, all on different OSX’s. All versions are resource hungry.

Have to say, apart from use of RAW, at no stage of the upgrades have I any real improvements to report. The opposite in fact - as issues like snap to guides become controlled more by the application than the user - with extra function keys to press for overrides = less user friendly, slower and more problematic.

I don’t like Adobe (as a company - preferred Macromedia), but I have no real choice in my line of work. Wish they would stop polishing turds.... purely to justify upgrade fees!

For anyone outside the image industry... with time... I would definitely recommend test driving other, cheaper products before investing in Adobe.
Yes regularly - when required - not because the next one came out and it looked new and shiney.

I skipped Windows XP totally going to Vista from 2000 pro when I had to for technical reasons. I have updated Elements 7, with the patches and RAW updates etc that are available...but why would I pay again for the same product? am I getting a benefit? if I do then i'll buy it...if i don't then i won't...pretty simple approach in my mind.


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