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Flash(ing) Photography.

What a dream job as a snapper taking photos of fanny all day, she must be PMRAFNS?
a quick shufti shows that ALL the members of both teams survived the war.
The last goal of the match - England's sixth, hee, hee, hee - was scored by Len Goulden who was Jewish. His club, as if there could be any doubt, was West Ham.

Stanley Matthews, who gave Goulden the cross, had this to say in his autobiography, c&p from Len's wiki page)

"probably the greatest goal I ever saw."
"I glanced across and saw Len Goulden steaming in just left of the centre of midfield, some 35 yards from goal. I arced around the ball in order to get some power behind the cross and picked my spot just ahead of Len. He met the ball at around knee height. My initial thought was that he'd control it and take it on to get nearer the German goal, but he didn't. Len met the ball on the run; without surrendering any pace, his left leg cocked back like the trigger of a gun, snapped forward and he met the ball full face on the volley. From 25 yards the ball screamed into the roof of the net with such power that the netting was ripped from two of the pegs by which it was tied to the crossbar. The terraces of the packed Olympic Stadium were as lifeless as a string of dead fish. "Let them salute that one," Len yelled as he carried on running, arms aloft."


If you see the iceberg they have to drown you as part of the experience...


Surely a realistic simulation would be to put you in the crowsnest with a cold wind in your eyes and no eye protection, and see if you can spot the iceberg in good time? If you do see the iceberg in good time - well that kind of spoils it.

Titanic would have been better on hitting the berg straight on as the forward four compartments were sealed at the top.
The cheapest rivets installed were already under immense pressure in the North Atlantic cold all it took was a nudge from the berg to pop the rivet heads.

If I recall that documentary correctly, the bulkhead exposed to the fire had been noticeably distorted. It failed sooner than was expected and the rate at which the ship was sinking then speeded up dramatically. It wouldn't have affected the end result, but it might have stayed afloat for longer if the fire hadn't happened.

ISTR that they were also trying to shift the coal from the burning bunker to the boilers as fast as they could, so were going nearly flat out.
Not everything went to plan during the fleet review of 1937. Ask Lt-Commander Thomas Woodrooffe!

View attachment 662435

Woodrooffe began his description of the illuminations, slurring "At the present moment the whole fleet's lit up!" He continued his drunken ramble for nearly 4 minutes, before he was faded out.

Woodrooffe's task was to describe the scene as King George VI inspected the Navy, moored at Spithead. However, reporting from his old ship HMS Nelson, Woodrooffe had plenty of time to drink with his former shipmates before his final broadcast at 10.45. Woodrooffe was suspended for a week, though his broadcasting career recovered.

Makes you proud to be British.

Edited to add. Listen to the broadcast in the link and try not to laugh, especially when the fleet turn off the lights at the end!
AND how coincidental...
Not that the daily Wail reads that vile and vulgar army website for stories....

Vile and vulgar, giving the world the "V's".

Proud to be a member.
What are the odds of a matelot in Portsmouth getting pissed on a run ashore?
Proof that there is nothing more powerful than love.

Proof that there is nothing more powerful than love.

If you say so... :roll: Actually, they're both brown bread now, ironically. Marshall's kin tried to break the will and deny Smith's inheritance when the old goat died, but a smart lawyer and a sympathetic judge restored her rights. And then she died of an accidental drug overdose. Ooopsie.

Who inherited J Howard Marshall estate?

Pierce Marshall sided with his father, Charles Koch and David Koch and received substantially all of Marshall's estate, valued at $1.6 billion at the time of his death. :-D

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