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What we really really need is a 'Jesus fcuking wept, that's shite' emoji.
Tidied up FOC. Excellent point. I'd be willing to let the mods have the old poo emoji if they would introduce the JC poo emoji for the rest of the membership to use. :thumright:

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One of the saddest nature pics Ive seen....
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Not so sure I should have made fun of this.

Few years back daughter was working in the Kruger National Park.

"Had a interesting day at work dad"

What happened?

"Well I jumped out of my truck and slammed the door, scared the hell out of a Lion I hadn't seen which ran off"

How close was it.

"You don't want to know"

Her mate told me later, she was right I really didn't want to know. Bloody kids!!!!

Daughters truck with knocked out Hyaena in back on way to a rehabilitation centre.
Bloody sedative wore off halfway there and daughter and mate had to knock it out again!!!
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