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Photos that make you think.


Clint Eastwood
Skateboarding through Rome
I didnt realise they had them that far back
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Certainly did. The wheels were the problem, metal ones lasted but were useless on anything but smooth grit free surfaces. Rubber wheel were good but wore out very quickly.

Polyurethane was the game changer which sparked off the craze in the seventies.
A RAF Pilot Officer in 1940 was on about £250 per annum, call that US$ 1000. An American 2/Lt aircrew was on $250 per month/$3000 per annum.
+ 100USD Flight pay, +100USD Combat Pay to add $ 2400 USD per annum

Enlisted Pilots received $50 USD extra, Flight Officers $USD 233.33 base pay and the officer flight and combat pay rates
My maternal Grandad, 14th Army (Retd), had the top dome of a human skull that he kept on his roll top desk. He used it as an ashtray and for something to knock out his pipe in. He got it from a Japanese gentleman who, ahem, had no need of it anymore.

He also had a human thigh bone that had been converted into a sort of recorder like musical instrument. When the mood took him, generally after a couple of stiff after dinner pegs, he would play "Old MacDonald had a Farm" on it. There were other tunes in his repertoire of course, but that was his favourite.
Same Japanese gentleman provided the thigh bone which he converted into a recorder, I assume? :? Sounds like that Japanese gentleman was very resourceful. Probably enough material there to make an ocarina and a couple of Jew's Harps too. :nod: :mrgreen::mrgreen:
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Doing a house clean up and our daughter found this picture, which was taken in April 2004. I believe it was the final flight of this Concorde prior to decommissioning the following month. The photo brings it all back - what an awesome sight (and sound) it was, flying over Salisbury Plain accompanied by the Red Arrows. What an aircraft.
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Joshua Slocum

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Not a photo, but a short clip relating to same:

I wondered long and hard what sort of comment to place, so I put informative, to have used a like woud be to condone the actions of those two evil cowards
I hope they have a hard life full of suffering and disease and perhaps the loss of a child themselves
This was posted up on the Whitehaven Yesteryears FB page. It shows a Vulcan over Saltom Bay, approaching the Whitehaven Festival in 2009. By all accounts it was a tremendous sight (and sound) when it flew over the packed harbour. With thanks to Rick McClurry.
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For some reason, I found this image of Her Majesty on the News yesterday quite upsetting. Strange times indeed.
Azerbaijani soldier fires a howitzer towards Armenian positions as a counter operations continue. Credit Vugar Ibadov

An Azerbaijani soldier fires a howitzer towards Armenian positions as a counter operation con...jpeg


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