Photos that make you think.

There is a much better view from the top of the Air forces memorial above Runnymede. To the left (North) you can see Windsor Castle moving through East, Heathrow and then London. Best view on a cold day but now with the decrease in smog the view should be very good.
The only good view of London is the one in your rear view mirror.
Again, I was looking for a London Skyline photo, and randomly I noticed this one taken from Caesars camp near Farnham. You can see St Michaels church ( Queens Av) on the left and the garrison church on the right, near the Welly statue. I suppose they were lucky with a clear day.
It’s about 37 miles as the crow flies.
I used to have a MQ just off picture to the left at the Farnborough end (just down the road from the barracks where 4 Fd Regt were posted in the early 80s.
Similar to the recent posts about the Scholl siblings in Nazi Germany, I thought I’d share this FB post on here. There were clearly many incredibly brave people of all Nationalities fighting the horror of the Nazis over 75 years ago. She is one brave woman.

Simone Segouin, mostly known by her codename, Nicole Minet, was only 18 when the Germans invaded. Her first act of rebellion was to steal a bicycle from a German military administration, slicing the tires of all of the other bikes and motorcycles so they couldn't pursue her. She found a pocket of the Resistance and joined the fight, using the stolen bike to deliver messages between Resistance groups.

She was an extremely fast learner and quickly became an expert at tactics and explosives. She led teams of Resistance fighters to capture German troops, set traps, and sabotage German equipment. As the war dragged on, her deeds escalated to derailing German trains, blocking roads, and blowing up bridges, helping to create a German-free path to help the Allied forces retake France from the inside. She was never caught.

Segouin was present at the liberation of Chartres on August 23, 1944, and then the liberation of Paris two days later. She was promoted to lieutenant and awarded several medals, including the Croix de Guerre.

After the war, she studied medicine and became a pediatric nurse. She is still going strong, and this October (2020) will turn 95.
@ various posters.

I'm confused.

When you say Caesar's Camp do you mean the one in Bracknell Forest?

You can't possibly see London from there. Not even from the top of the tower in the nearby Discovery Centre.
It’s the one at Long Valley tank testing/training area, quite close to Browning Barracks which was Depot Para back in the day. I was wondering why I never saw that view when I realised two things.

1. I was always on my chin-strap and too knackered to see anything.

2. it was 47 years ago and the only tall building in London was the Post Office Tower!
There have been a few colourised pictures on this thread. I find them very impressive (not least for the amount of work that must have gone into the process).

I have a book of colourised pictures that pretty much reflects the theme of this thread.

The Colour Of Time by Dan Jones (the history bits) and Marina Amaral (the colourising bits). Some fantastic pictures in there.

They have just released a second volume, The World Aflame: 1914-1945 (Head Of Zeus, £25).

The timeline in the title is probably a good indicator of the content. The Sunday Times says "You may need a strong stomach for some of the images, but they are immensely vivid and Jones's text is crisp"

My birthday is in June. What to put on the present list? Hmmmm.


War Hero
these young kids were active in the early 1940’s when they must have known the consequences.
In an almost Shakespearean twist, Sophie Scholl's executioner Johann Reichhart, whose forebears had been executioners since the 18th century and who had executed about 3000 people between 1924 and 1945, many of them after the 20 July Plot, was used by the US Military Government for hanging 156 Nazi criminals in 1946 as well as supervising the construction of the gallows for the hangings of those sentenced to death at Nuremberg. Reichhart's son committed suicide in 1950 and his marriage failed. He become opposed to the death penalty, spent some time in a psychiatric hospital and died in 1972.
They were basically leafleting the student groups, the kind of thing that got similar punishment in Russia Or China. My Aunt on the German side would have been of a similar age, but if you were in University you had your service deferred as a rule. The salient point at a time like this is it’s prevalent to blame Germany’s People For the Hitler time. But since the Bastard in question had cancelled elections in 1933 people like the Scholls, my mum and Aunt, never ever had a say in their country.
They didn’t elect anyone. Schools and universities are places of reason and explanation. Moreover the French h ad killed off their intelligencia in 1793, the Russians from 1917. Look at it from that POV and you see how Stupid some of the arguments are. There is a rare breed, especially in what is a law abiding country like Germany that seeks to overthrow a sitting Government, it would be inconceivable here. An uebermensch perhaps. Well the Scholls truly were and all they wanted was peace.
Hans and Sophie were quite enthusiastic Nazis at first. Hans was a group leader in the HJ and Sophie was the same in the Legue of German maidens. Most of the group like Hans were German soldiers who had served in Russia and were part of the medical company at the university training to be Doctors. Both Hans and Sophie had been trained to think for themselves by their parents.

Hans and the other soldiers had seen or heard about what went on with the Einsatzgruppen and Sophie had found out about one of her relatives who had been murdered in the Euthanasia programme for being mentally defective.

They had distributed six sets of leaflets when they were seen by the janitor, who was a Gestapo informer. The Gestapo officer who interviewed her was a middle aged former Kripo officer who had some sympathy for her as he had a son the same age on the Russian front, but Sophie was having none of it and insiisted in confessing all. Hans tried to take the blame, but again Sophie was having none of it.

Sophie had her day in Raving Roland Frieslers Peoples Court and was executed by guillotine the same afternoon. The White Rose had the last laugh though as some of the sixth leaflets were smuggled to the UK and in 1943 the RAF droped them over Munich and elsewhere in bombing raids: titled 'The manifesto of the Munich students.
I have always found this picture to be incredibly haunting...and she would have been 99 today

“Why do you allow these men who are in power to rob you step by step, openly and in secret, of one domain of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanised state system presided over by criminals and drunks? Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right - or rather, your moral duty - to eliminate this system?”
Sophia Magdelana Scholl, born May 9th 1921 and member of the White Rose resistance group in Nazi Germany. Given the prevailing mood of the country and the total power of the state, she was an extraordinary anti-fascist - courageous, articulate and insightful.
Here is a record of the White Rose leaflets and transcript of their trial:
View attachment 472291
The guillotine that cut her, and her brother's head off, is on public display in the plotzensee prison in Berlin. In the same room that the Hitler bomb plotters were hung by piano wire. The executioner, Johann Reichart, was forced by the american ,military control, to hang some condemned Nazi war criminals, you can watch clips of the hangings on you tube. He executed the very people that once were his superiors. If he had refused he would have been shot. He was responsible for decapitating over 3,100 people, from 1924-1945.


This might have made the grade already but the whole footage of the two 'corporals' who mistakenly got in the way of an IRA funeral sends equal amounts of horror and anger right through me.

cpl 1.jpg

cpl 2.jpg
Blimey. I bet you are fun at parties.

As my mother(88) lost most of her extended family to those bastards, and she was bombed out twice, i take great pleasure in watching them she says" The whole country should have been bombed out of existence for what they did"

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