Photos that make you think.

and again the problem is, it makes you worse than them.
They deserved to die, but, summarily, to my mind even then, it shouldn't happen.
They (the Americans) should have been court marshaled for that act and been jailed.
There is no excuse, more so their officers.
It wasn't that long after the Baugnez crossroads incident during the Battle of the Bulge . War is a horrible thing . Total war like WW2 is even worse . Don't forget , by this stage of the war , very few allied airmen were reaching POW camps , whether they fell in the target area or not , and any German man of military age not wearing a uniform and pointing his weapon in the direction of the advancing enemy was likely to be shot or hanged by flying courts martials of SS men , and concentration camp victims elsewhere were still being executed by the thousands . People like Canaris were only shot in the last week of the war . By the end of the war , everyone was firing at the SS , Germans and Allies alike .
Frankly , there is every excuse , by prolonging the war , Nazi fanatics ensured the deaths of tens of thousands , so they deserved what they got .
Was that the Soviet equivalent of painting the grass green around camp or painting kerb stones?

I'll get some of my photos on later when I figure out how to compress the files enough for the ARRSE server.
Just email the files to yourself and choose the smallest image size. Easiest way to do it on an ipad (or download Image Size). I usually get a 1.2Mb file down to 120Kb or less. Doesn't really affect the image here.

Spoiled for choice on a PC. I can't vouch for other platforms.
Stylish architecture there with a bit of Bauhaus/modernism, which were not really the Nazis favourites,

Not much in the way of compensation though,

The likes are not really appropriate for the pictures but you know what I mean.
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Another view of the trench where over 10,000 Soviet POW's were executed, according to the signs their ashes are all buried on the other side of where those people are walking
Visited here a few times. Very interesting. It’s a swine to get to though.
Not 70 years ago it wasn't, especially with a SS tour guide...

Serious Q: My Son is 7 but is well into documentary programs like world at war. Would visiting places like this be too much? Has anyone on here taken a nipper and if yes, how did they respond to it?
Visited here a few times. Very interesting. It’s a swine to get to though.
I found it quite easy to get to from Berlin, we took the U-bahn from Alexanderplatz to Friedrichstrasse then the S-bahn from there direct to Oranienburg. From Oranienburg station it was only 5 minutes in a taxi to Sachsenhausen. When we left the camp it was late afternoon though and dropping in dark, there were no taxis or other people in sight so ended up walking from there back to the station which was about 30 minutes.
walking from there back to the station which was about 30 minutes.
OK, maybe my 10 minutes was a bit optimistic................but I do walk quite fast.

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