Photos that make you think.

Are you suggesting that there are things on the internet that are not true :( oh well its probably not far off the mark considering the carnage of the first world war .
Maybe, in a forerunner of photoshop, the original photographer edited his plate to remove each man as they were killed, then published the result in 1918.

Certainly, as you are well aware, there is nothing on the internet that is untrue (Except of course that sentence...errr...ahhh...hang on...).

"Alvays mit der negatives waves Manfred!"
Are those lifejackets made from sausages? Wurstwesten?

Are they even life jackets? Perhaps they are new Luftwaffe field rations?
As I said, you live & learn.
Bloody back stabbers, what? We give them civilisation & they try that trick on us. Tch.
Couple of dits.
The 422 Infantry Regiment were made up of Japanese Americans.
At one stage they ended up in a firefight in Italy with some German units, including an Indian nationalist mob.

It has always tended to be underplayed; but a Changi POW would much more likely to have come in contact with a Sikh guard than a Japanese one. And they could be really nasty in their treatment of POWs.
" Historians Christopher Bayly and Tim Harper mention that many a times, the Sepoys in the field units shot captured or wounded INA men, relieving their British officers of the complex task of formulating a formal plan for captured men"
kapok jackets don't need to be inflated and were also known as "bomber vests" because they were issued to crews of bombers and multi-crew aircraft. It was a tight squeeze to try and get into an ME 109 with one on so the fighter pilots wore inflatable types.

I despair at some of the so called members of the human race.
Does anyone give a shit anymore? :-x

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