Photos that make you think.

That is just truly horrifying - just when you think the Nazis (or people in general) can't get any lower something like this comes to light.

What kind of man can do thiings like that to children FFS?
Christ, that’s a difficult read - I honestly couldn’t read it to the end. We don’t need to make up horror stories when we have so called human beings capable of those sort of atrocities. :sad:
"Tallest on the right, shortest on the left! Size!!"
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If you look at the front rank the 'sizing' is bad, at least one is wrongly sized, you sometimes see bad sizing on moderen German units taking 'Freedom of cities etc, it's often terrible!
I quite like to watch the modern German 'Watch' or Guards units doing their stuff for visiting dignitaries from overseas. They are quite immaculate. You'll find them on Ytube, lots of them. The difference to a British Guard of Honour, is that the German General or whatever doesn't go anywhere near the soldiers and never seems to speak to them. Or at least the Guard commander should be thanked...not a bit of it!
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"No, Dougal. Those stormtroopers are far away..."


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IIRC the Dutch had a card index system which made rounding up Jews much easier.
I wonder if they are bought up to believe there was a fine line drawn after the war and that was the terrible past which is nothing to do with them now .or similar ? Not in a bad way just thats how Germany was terrible back then but now we are a different Germany .
You are right , they can be odd . I lived in a shared house once and we had a German girl in her 20 s move in . Within 2 hrs of being there we were at the pub and she broke down crying and apologised for the war . This was 10 years ago !
That's the more common attitude. A very dear German friend and I were talking about patriotism, and she said "We Germans have no right to be patriotic" and it was me trying to convince her that she's not responsible for what her parents did. I remember another German girl at a conference back in the 1980s also apologising for the Nazi atrocities, despite being born 20 years after they happened.

The worrying thing is that there is now a new generation for whom all that was their great-grandparents, and they get all nostalgic about the Third Reich, and use it as an excuse to have a go at refugees.


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I found it especially repulsive that at a military tribunal in 1953 it was noted that of the 21 soldiers charged with this crime 14 were French citizens from Alsace.

Oradour-sur-Glane massacre - Wikipedia
IIRC werent some of the accused by the time of the trials serving the French military and awarded valor decorations?
US Marine Colonel Francis Fenton conducting the funeral of his son Private First Class Mike Fenton, Okinawa, 1945

US Marine Colonel Francis Fenton conducting the funeral of his son Private First Class Mike Fenton, Okinawa, 1945

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The son was a Scout-Sniper in B co. 1/5
PVT Michael James “Mike” Fenton (1925-1945) - Find...
I don't have a photo but there were five Sullivan brothers killed in one action in the US Navy during WW2. When the informing officer came to her door the mother asked "Which one is it?" The officer replied "Marm, it's all of them." The US Navy named a warship 'USS Sullivan's' after the five boys.
Depends who you mean, I'd say. Arnold Strippel, who oversaw the hangings and was awarded a compensation of 120000 Deutschmark after his sentence was retroactively reduced from life to five years in 1970? Kurt Heissmeyer, who wanted a professorship so desperately he conducted tuberculosis experiments on children and at his trial said "I did not think that inmates of a camp had full value as human beings", having worked as a respected physician specialising in tuberculosis treatment right up to his arrest in 1963? His uncle August Heissmeyer, Prussian infantry officer during WW1, who facilitated his nephew's experiments, became the director of the West German Coca-Cola bottling plant and died at the age of 82?
Hard to comment on that:mad:, i'm truly bloody shocked!
One of the reasons that the Baader Meinhoff gang started their career in kidnapping and killing politicians and industry captains
Greetings Joshua; however during the mid to late 1950s there were six brothers serving in the Malaya campaign and in the same Welsh battalion. It was not exactly a vicious war like WW2, but it seems the British dont follow the sole survivor rule.
What kind of man can do thiings like that to children FFS?
Try having a quiet drink in a beer garden when the little bastards are running around and you'll soon see.

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