Photos that make you think.

I love these colourised photos. For me they add another depth to history.

This one is Cleveland-class Light Cruiser, ‘USS Santa Fe’ CL-60 pulls alongside Essex-class Aircraft Carrier, ‘USS Franklin’ CV-13 as it lists towards its starboard side after suffering two direct hits from a pair of armour piercing bombs, dropped by a lone Japanese plane. Near Okinawa. 19th March, 1945

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For those not familiar with USS Franklin the Captain was to put it mildly, a scumbag
I have two:

This one is Ruth Snyder strapped into the electric chair in Sing Sing prison in 1928. She had killed her husband who, by all contemporary accounts, was a complete horror. Nowadays she would probably not even have been charged with murder, but she was and paid the ultimate price. The picture is an original photograph that has been enhanced (Not by me) in order to make it clearer.


This next one is also a woman and although it seems facetious, it isn't. This image makes me think (Apart from the bleedin' obvious) about the disparity of outcomes for given inputs. There are many in this world who have contributed massively to science, peace, healthcare, economics or art that exist and will die in poverty and obscurity. The owner of this undeniably gorgeous ar$e has nothing else to offer the world than her delectable body, but armed only with that asset she has made a fortune and is famed and lauded around the world.

Well the copyright could have belonged to the photographer.

But yes, it is she.

Still never heard of her.

However, the point you made is still valid. Bit of a “there, but for the grace of god” etc.
Her name's can do the rest of the joke yourself.
Girls always admire a man with a big shiny helmet.

Or, now I have thought about it, it could be a really subtle declaration of a man being gay/trans. The woman(?) in the chair looks a little masculine, so could be a crossdresser, and you can't tell who is inside the diving suit. Maybe it is meant to represent the duality of this ruffty tuffty diver's persona.

Or maybe the woman was leading a double life as a diver, her femininity concealed inside the constrictions of the suit and helmet.

Or maybe the person inside the suit is another woman and they are hiding their sapphic love in full view.

Or maybe it's some kind of early rubber fetish.

Or perhaps the guy is just really pleased with himself that he has managed to become a diver and wants everyone to see it.

Or perhaps he is a bigamist and this is his way of appearing in a picture with his new wife, without anybody recognising him.

See, I thought about it.

I guess that makes it art.
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USS Cowpens rolling in heavy seas in Typhoon Cobra in the Pacific Ocean, 18 December 1944.

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Oh, I've heard about that typhoon, or at least I'm pretty sure that it was the one Herman Wouk used as the basis for the storm that appears in both the novel and film versions of "The Caine Mutiny". And one which he barely survived in real life.

Quick confirmatory google later and yep. It was.

Turned out to be a rather nasty bastard of a storm too - three destroyers went down, along with the majority of their crews. The crewmen that were survivors were mostly picked up by a destroyer escort that had itself been badly damaged.

Typhoon Cobra - Wikipedia for more details.


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Halsey was caught between the risk to destroyers being light on fuel and the risk of trying to fuel in such heavy weather. I read about this at school in a Readers' Digest article 'The Third Fleet and the Typhoon' (which had no effect on my navy blue ambitions). A few years later I spent an interesting couple of days in a destroyer (HMS Cossack) sent to sit in the middle of one in the S China Sea so as to provide weather reports, which was an educational experience. There is a reason why the 'dangers of the sea' come before the 'violence of the enemy' in the naval prayer.

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