Photos showing abuse not taken in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gizzardtoo, May 13, 2004.

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  1. Appologise to the British Army

  2. Visit the troops and appologise

  3. Resign

  4. Free pie and chips to all soldiers for a year

  5. All of the above

  1. This just in from the BBC

    Perhaps now, the Daily Mirror and Piers 'I'm a t*at' Morgan, can be forced into an appolgy to the British Army. Either that or he should resign, or perhaps both.
  2. After what, 2 or 3 weeks, Whitehall notices the bleeding obvious! Perhaps the ABF will get a sizable apology from Piers Moron?
  3. Don't hold your breathe for an apology from that t0sser!

    Still read his profile and saw his picture, "WHO EAT ALL THE PIES PIERS!!"
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer


    I think you've had a flashback to your cuckoo's nest. The slimeball will writhe his lowlife body out of any apology, he'll pipe up with"I brought this important issue out in public" or "They didn't deny that there hasn't been any cases of abuse" But what does putting soldier's lives in danger matter ? He's made some dosh. :evil:

    Scumbag ! He makes politicos seem almost human !
  5. In reality, Piers Morgan is just an ignorant chancer. He published the pictures with the intention of selling more papers, and that's exactly what he achieved. Even if he does apologise, or even quit, the damage is done. He'll keep his pension (and the money he previously made by share ramping) and he'll move on to another job, probably making his poxy TV programmes.

    As for the sad tw*ts who faked the pictures, they'll be nailed by the SIB, they'll lose the £20,000 they grabbed from Moron, and they may end up doing Colchester time. I hope they think it was worth it.
  6. Cutaway,

    Lunacy is fun - but I hope our Mirror Journos on Arrse let the boss know what we think. These photos are fake and Piers should do something decent - unlikely but worth a rant.

  7. Oh dear Piers, what have you done? You may be instrumental in the deaths of British squaddies all because of your desire to sell more newspapers. Why didn’t you do the most basics of journalism, and investigate their background before publishing?? Just hope Blairwitch's government have the balls to make an example of this idiot and his schoolboy antics. Next, the people responsible for taking the pics and giving them to this knob. What will become of them?
  8. Gunny,

    Do you really believe that the Blairwhich mob would ever do anythink against one of their own?

    W*nker will proberly get a gong in the NYHL!
  9. Nice to see the truth willout.

    How come old Pies Moron did not follow the DA notice No1 in the first place.

    Ah this is why

    The mans decision was that of a fool , recklessly endangering all serving in Iraq.
  10. Time for Piers to do the honourable thing, as mentioned elsewhere. No doubt he could get a job somewhere as a dishcloth holder, say.

    As if it need be said, Boycott The Mirror.
  11. Journalists like to think that their job is a profession. Noble, bound by ethics and duty and intellectually demanding, a lifetime of learning like medicine, science, engineering, the clergy, law (um…) etc. Journalism is a job.

    Journalists are in the main poorly informed, not as literate as they like to think they are, prone to selective or downright dishonest reporting and giving ‘cred’ to complete bolloxs… ‘it was in the papers’. Some is deliberate, setting their own agenda and some is through ignorance. Unfortunately the broadsheets can be as bad as the waste of trees tabloids.

    Journalists need no qualifications and are not licensed. They do not get struck off for falsehoods and serious errors and abuses of their position.

    I’ve posed these questions before:

    Creative journalists who’s names spring to mind include Gilligan, Furlong, Jason Blair, Steven Glass. There will be plenty more scribbling away. To paraphrase journos; they are just the tip of the iceberg.

    If Moron of the Mirror is indirectly responsible for deaths as a result of publishing photos of the second year drama group play acting, it will not because of a mistake. Moron’s acts and omissions were deliberate and so not errors per se.

    I look forward to genuine pictures of Moron with a squaddie’s boot (laces not visible) up his round brown hairy corrugated orifice. Hanging is too good for him.
  12. If we (the collective ARRSE we, that is) were to publish totally spurious pictures of random persons and asserted that they were genuine - and were subsequently discovered to be false - then we could (and would) be sued for slander.

    Therefore, is there any mileage in the Army launching a 'tort' case against the Mirror News Group, on behalf of all soldiers, to claim substantial damages for all the trouble and drama they've caused? :twisted:
  13. I don't think it's possible for an organisation to be legally defamed, but I imagine that the CO 1QLR could make a pretty good case for saying that he has been libelled by what the Mirror printed. In essence, a reasonable person would believe that he is either incompetent and unable to command his soldiers properly, or worse complicit in the criminal abuse of prisoners, if they believed that the Mirror story was true. The Mirror would have to prove that its piece was true, or at least fair comment, or that CO 1 QLR would not be thought responsible for the actions of his soldiers by a reasonable person reading the article. The fact that the Mirror evidently didn't check very hard whether the pictures were genuine might be seen as an aggravating factor by a sensible judge.

    Of course, I'm not a lawyer, but having been peripherally involved in some libel proceedings that's my hazy recollection of the law here.
  14. Will it be about £1 billion? Might save some of the fleet :?
  15. What - Lawyers working for those who do a real job rather than nonces, 'human rights' fakers and whingers? No chance - there's no chance of any decent compensation for the thieving b@stards to get their hands on.