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Gunny_Highway said:
Does any of the management care to comment on what happened to the photo's section? I have a selection of me in the bath that I would like to share.
which i have no objection to, but as well as Gunnys pics there would be a huge chance that our beloved ARRSE chicks might post a couple of themmselves in the bath
or shower
The software was very poor so I spent quite a bit of time trying to sort new stuff. I write the next lines in the hope that some kindly soul out there with a bit of IT knowlegde and / or the ability to host a small part of this site can help:

We can't get decent photo software or even the stuff we were using to work properly / at all on our server because it has safe mode enabled to protect other users on the same server. Another hosting company we've used before has similar restrictions (base directory). Since ARRSE generates no income we can't pay for more hosting and certainly not the dedicated hosting required.

The 3 bits of software I've looked at are My_eGallery (as on here before), Gallery and Coppermine.
Shame about the photos not working.
I spent hours making a little black rectangle on a stick to hold over my eyes to give that 'McNab' look to all my snaps...
Why don't you ask for donations ?

It doesn't cost much to host a site and I am sure you could easily cover the cost.
Unfortunately you would be surprised how much it does actually cost to host a site like ARRSE. This is mainly due to our huge volume of traffic and the specialist 'bits' that are needed run the software. We are extremely lucky that Merula host the site at a very, very discounted rate although it does have the limitations that Good CO has mentioned.

For anyone wishing to contribute to the site we have a donate button on the home page.... all contributions gratefully accepted. In fact as a special offer, if you donate we'll make a special rank for you! So instead of being an 'Old Salt' or 'Clanker' we'll make you a 'Supporter' or something like that...
I have just had a look at the donation page and was surprised to see that any donation on my credit card would be credited as ARRSE. Now call me old fashioned if you like, but what do you reckon my missus (and not forgetting the vetting man) are going to think of that appearing on my credit card statement !! :oops:

Can we not, perhaps, donate by cheque?
I would gladly sell my wife and children to support ARRSE - but when I proposed this they objected
Perhaps a guideline would help for donations via the PayPal link
How much do you want? Will a fiver cover it ?

Mr M_S Poorperson
Gallery is now running, and is very good, although it's still in Beta test stage. Roll up, roll up, send in your pictures - you, your favourite Saxon AFV in the attack shot, the comedy picture that your mate e-mailed to you yesterday. Op Telic photos would still be appreciated by many I think.

G-H and others who've submitted photos you may wish to send me a quick descirption of each as I've lost the old ones in the move. Sorry.

currently it won't work with gif files (image type). use the "submit pictures" link in the photo section to send in your files.
Just a quick point about the photo's section. When you view the picture information using the dark blue theme, you still get fiapple coloring over the picture information (the notes under the photo especially), which makes it almost impossible to read.

Could this be changed or can i change my font to display in bold by default?


Ahh yes, seen. The front page too. I'll look at it, but I fear that the only sensible solution may be to cut down to one theme, as with each new part of the site / header change etc it gets more and more difficult to make the whole work together.

I don't think you can change your browser settings - it's something we'll have to do at this end. I'll get on the case, but possibly not for a day or so.

Thanks for letting me know.
Sorry, I haven't had a chance to sort this and don't have my PC with me, so it'll be in the new year. Not forgotten though.
It should show the username. I'll try and work out why it isn't. Stand by for a complete crash.
And what's with users covering their eyes with Harry Black or smiley faces? There's not much point posting a pic of yourself covered up. Serves nil purpose, may as well post a pic of a dead cat and stick your name on that.
Gunny Highway said:
And what's with users covering their eyes with Harry Black or smiley faces?
one of them was me, sorry, its to stop the spams from coming after me.
TURP said:
Gunny Highway said:
And what's with users covering their eyes with Harry Black or smiley faces?
one of them was me, sorry, its to stop the spams from coming after me.
Are you bothered? Send them to me.

Maybe it's just me, but if someone is going to submit a pic of themselves, then what is the point if their mug is covered? It serves no purpose. I could submit 100s I've found off the internet and cover the faces and say it's me. So come on, more pics with faces so I can see who's abusing me and who I'm abusing.
ive a couple more to put on so ill stick em on as they come.
Another picture from an ARRSE member, ruined by sticking a face of a hairy beast across the mush ! I mean, whats the point? If your gonna cover your face up, then why bother posting it? Could be anyone. Man, woman, a wanna-be with a copied photo off the internet. What are you all hiding?

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