Photos prompt call for Nazi ban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Guardian_Reader, Jan 16, 2005.

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  1. Oops. But hardly a story.

    Wonder how much the Observer paid for that lot. I reckon that they have nearly reached the bottom of the barrel there and are descending into the gutter for their 'stories'. Journalism at its worst. :evil:
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    They could be fakes!!!!!!
  3. What really gets my goat is the Nazi's caused a war, and killed I think about 8 or 9 million all in (civillian and military and death camps) where as Communism has killed far far more, Stalin alone exicuted over 20 million of his own countrymen. Why hasnt that been banned???? Religion, the crusades, Pogroms, Bosnia/Kosovo/Abainia, Jews against Muslims, Muslims against us (I'm kinda seeing a trend here!!!) maybe that should be banned as well!!!! :lol:

    If we used the same logic as the letfy librals who want us to forgive the little barstewards who go out mugging, robbing, and terrorising the population here and send them on nice little summer holidays cos mummy never hugged them/gave them a gameboy when they were young, then why arent those same lefty liberals urging us to forgive and forget one or two little mistakes on the Nazi's side!!!! :lol:

    I'll get me coat!
  4. glad to see my faith in journo's is being maintained!! so why did they not report this in the mid to late90's then?

    Says a voice from the nation that responds with violence everytime something happens in Israel. some other nation gets bombarded!!
  5. Hit the bottom of the barrel years ago, carried on going and came out in Australia - only to fall into the hands of Murdoch.
  6. True - by and large a bunch of cnuts. Pity that they have so much power and political influence.
  7. Now is CONFESSION TIME Were any ARRSE members in that photograph and will they dare admit it?

    I was NOT
  8. Guess i better destroy some of the phots i have then eh? :roll: :roll:
    oh, wait, they could be a nice little earner to the right scum journo. :evil:

    how is it that a handful of relatively small pressure groups have such a huge amount of power and influence? So much so that they can bully governments and multinational corporations into enforcing pointless draconian censorship laws.
  9. Now this is getting f*ckin' stupid. Where will it end?

    Will the BBC apologise for the portrayal of Nazis in All, Allo.

    Will Freddie Star put down his hampster sandwich and aplogise for attmpting to entertain whilst wearing a Nazi Uniform (can't remember which Unit really did wear wellies)?

    Will Mel Brookes donate all of the profits he made from his films as he has played Adolf Hitler himself?

    There are loads more but I just can't be bothered.

    Can I make a suggestion to those who take offence on other people's behalf. Stop being so bloody pathetic and get a life of your own. :evil:
  10. There are existing laws that can be employed to counter racial abuse under HRA and at member state level. This is of those ideas that may seem good at first but that would turn out to be horrendously complex and would ultimately only benefit the lawyers! Could you then be prosecuted for building an Airfix plane with a swastika on the tail?

    There are strong libertarian and moral grounds for opposing such a law. It may inhibit free and frank discussion and expression in unintended ways, particularly in states that lack the history of a prohibition of Nazi symbology that Germany and France have.

    It is illusionary and hypocritical to hold up the Nazis and their Holocaust as an iconic act of evil and genocide and say "never again" in a self-congratulatory way, when a collective blind eye is turned to subsequent massacres in the Congo and elsewhere. Like World War 1, the "war to end all wars", the "never again" prophecy is illusionary.
  11. Is there any URL for a site hosting the aforementioned image ?
  12. So expecting complaints from Chaka Khan, Don King, etc..... no? Don't think so. The students 'probably' looked too stupid as to offend anyway.

    I don't think anyone with sense would state the actvities of Hitler and his henchmen were nothing short of despictable. Although not my first, second or third choice in a fancy dress costume, could wearing one at a fancy dress do be seen as mocking the 'value' of the swastika to existing neo-nazis (like Freddie Starr used to)? IMO this does not clear PH and his choice of costume - considering his upbringing and the role of the Royal family in rememberance events of the holocast.

    Also, I remember being on a school trip some years ago to farm for the week, and some of us 'dared' to wear leather goods whilst on the fields. Before the pictures come out, I wish to express my sincere apologies if we had hurt the feelings of the cows and horses of that farm....... 8O

    Right, I know - get coat time :wink:
  13. If they would only ban socialism ......