Photos on sale at passing in parade

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by MRBurton, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi there, does anyone know the company name and telephone number for the people who were selling photo's at the passing in parade?

    We where told they would be there, in the hall, until 4pm on the day and managed to get some cash together by 3:30 but they had already gone and we could not buy our photo's.

  2. Give us a clue then; tell us which capbadge and we'll guess the date and location.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This fellow did ours when I commisioned into the Queens Indian Rifles back in '47 and all for just 3s 7d.

  4. Id hazzard a guess at someone going to Catterick.
  5. My money's on AFC Harrogate.
  6. That brings back a memory from the past!

    Quite likely a military/urban myth but a few decades ago in BAOR there was the story of a German photographer going around the bases/quarters doing family photos at very cheap rates.

    Not a con; no money was required up front but the problem was that the photos never turned up and the photographer was not seen again.

    The story was that it was a Soviet effort- the theory being that to show a captured soldier a photo of his family would be the quickest way to break him during interrogation.
  7. AFC Harrogate on October 6th. Sorry I thought I was in the AFC forum only...
  8. I WIN!!! Woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have orded some more photos so when they arrive I can give you the details if nobody else can provide them before then - carn't find the address at the mo x
  10. How many establishments do you know of that do 'Passing In' parades?
  11. Well how's that for timing - photo's just came in the post.

    Number 19
    Military Photograph
    White Horse Yard
    Off Finkle Street
    North yorkshire
    HG5 8AB
    Tel 07957 867515/07957 870349
  12. Hi Mark

    Phone your sons platoon Sergeant, i am sure he will have the number.

    Kind regards

  13. Or just get it from the post above yours - trigger.
  14. Passing In Parade? :?

    Sounds like a chicken & egg case unless of course the drill criteria is best teddy bearing effort and the dress is mufty? 8O