Photos of Southwood 1&3 Trg Regts

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mmm-babies-heads, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Just branching off from a thread that's running on the Old'n'bold forum about what has happened to old Depots and Barracks and managed to come across a site that brought back a few old and pleasant memories and I'm sure it will do the same for the elder ones amongst us who had the pleasure of 'passing out' of the dear place.(haven't found it anywhere else)
    Brought it here 'speshully for the old sappers! and top leftish of blown up Ariel photo

    Hope it's made some old farts day! Did mine!
  2. They were the days, I did a guard duty or two there in early 1980, in H&D troop from Gibraltar Bks waiting to do Dvr Lt and Sigs courses. 'Appy Days. 79/19 party.
  3. 77/2 Trg Party, Spider 11 for 1 Regt, can't remember 3 Regt - a bit of a blur! The best bit was moving across camp (from 1 to 3 Regt to start Cbt Engr training), at the double carrying everything we'd had about 2 mins to pack - then spending the next few hours picking up the bits we'd dropped.

    In comparison to the ex-JL/ATs we adult recruits had it easy, they got even more grief!

    Hard work, bed packs and bumpers - how training should be!!

    On the photo you can make out the Bailey bridge across main road, the track took you into the Cbt Engr training area.

    When I was at Gib Bks I went down to the old site, it’s now an industrial estate, with a large housing development and Safeway (Morrisons now?) across the road. The old camp gates are in position outside the Sgts Mess at Gib Bks.
  4. Bloody hell i remember having to paint that gate entrance in 1964. It was made out of Bailey Bridge panels/parts.
  5. you missed a bit!
  6. :D :D :D
  7. And splashed a bit. We had to scrape the paint off the spider windows one Friday eve....
  8. ...I remember the razor blade on the windows and pink windowleen( spelling) and being given a handfull of wire wool on the second last day and then told to get the floor done. Did that with great relish knowing the next party had to start again - deep joy!
  9. Razor blade? Luxury.....jack knife.....

  10. "with your teeth though"
  11. i bet those memories are in hieroglyphics it was that long ago. :D 8O :D 8O
  12. Being told to: "Break step over the bridge!". Every. Bloody. Time.
    The j1zz soaked watchtower in the ammo compound behind the guardroom.
    Lots of new people running around wearing wierd headdress (they looked like suitcases), with lots of other older people chasing and shouting at them in a really angry manner, for some reason.
    Painting all our '37 webbing with evil smelling black rubber paint. Then 3 months later having to pick it all off again. The bits were actually quite nice to chew, although slightly carcinogenic.
    Sleeping in my knackered old Beetle to avoid bedpack pains.
    The relative luxury of being "promoted" to H&D awaiting the chosen trade course to kick in and playing the new old sweat in the Canada Hut (?) cafe.
    Blimey, it was horrible, but character (and habit) forming. I still sleep in my Beetle for instance.
    Missus hates it though.
    3 Trg Reg, early '74